Tesco to Introduce Significant Improvements in Happy Chicken Welfare Standards

Tesco has announced a major initiative aimed at enhancing the welfare of chickens across its core fresh chicken ranges. By the first half of 2025, all Tesco fresh chicken will be reared with 20% more space than the industry standard, ensuring happier and healthier chickens.

Key Improvements:

    • Increased Space for Happier Chickens: The new welfare standards will provide birds with more space to perch and move around. The space per bird will increase to 30kg/m², offering 20% more room compared to the industry standard of 38kg/m².

    • Enhanced Environmental Enrichment: In addition to more space, the chickens will benefit from environmental enrichments such as straw bales, perches, pecking objects, and natural light, allowing them to express their natural behaviors and leading to happier, more content chickens.

Commitment to UK Agriculture:

Tesco sources all its fresh chicken from UK farms, underscoring its commitment to supporting British agriculture. The retailer will invest in its existing supply base to facilitate the transition to these higher welfare standards. This move also reinforces Tesco’s dedication to maintaining 100% fresh British chicken for its customers.

Financial Support:

Separate from its support for higher welfare systems, Tesco has committed an additional £12 million in financial support for its British chicken farmers and suppliers over the course of 2024/25. This investment aims to help farmers meet the new welfare standards without compromising on the quality or affordability of the chicken.

Customer Focus:

Tesco is determined to help customers make better, more sustainable choices without compromising on value. Through initiatives like Aldi Price Match and Clubcard Prices, Tesco ensures that customers can access affordable chicken with improved welfare standards. All fresh chicken products are featured on Tesco’s Best of British page, launched in April 2024.

Leadership Statements:

Natalie Smith, Head of Sustainable Agriculture & Fisheries at Tesco, emphasized the importance of animal welfare to their customers. “We know how much our customers care about animal welfare, and we’re committed to improving standards across our ranges wherever possible, while maintaining great value and quality for customers. This move reaffirms our commitment to British agriculture and is a significant step-up in welfare standards for the poultry industry in the UK,” Smith stated.

Industry Impact:

This initiative represents a significant step forward in animal welfare within the poultry industry. By leading with these changes, Tesco sets a precedent for other retailers to follow, potentially influencing industry-wide improvements in chicken welfare.



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