The Best-Paying Supermarkets to Suppliers in Europe

In the complex ecosystem of the food supply chain, the relationship between supermarkets and their suppliers is crucial for maintaining sustainability and fairness. European supermarkets have been under increasing scrutiny to ensure they treat suppliers ethically, paying them fairly and on time. Here is a look at some of the best-paying supermarkets to their suppliers in Europe, highlighting those that lead the way in ethical and fair practices.

1. Co-op (The Co-operative Group)

Country: United Kingdom
Overview: The Co-op is well-regarded for its ethical approach to business, particularly in its dealings with suppliers. The supermarket emphasizes long-term partnerships and fair pricing, ensuring that suppliers, especially small-scale and local producers, receive fair payment. Their commitment to initiatives like Fairtrade underscores their dedication to ethical sourcing and fair treatment of suppliers globally.

2. Waitrose

Country: United Kingdom
Overview: As part of the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose is known for its strong ethical foundations. It is highly respected for treating suppliers with fairness, offering reliable payment terms, and avoiding delays. Waitrose prioritizes relationships with British farmers, supporting local sourcing and ensuring that suppliers are paid promptly and fairly.

3. Aldi

Country: Germany (and across Europe)
Overview: Aldi is renowned for its efficient operations and competitive pricing strategies. Despite its cost-effective approach, Aldi maintains good relationships with suppliers through straightforward and timely payment practices. Their commitment to prompt payments and fair pricing makes them a preferred partner for many suppliers.

4. REWE Group

Country: Germany
Overview: REWE Group is a leading retail company in Germany and Europe, known for its fair payment terms and strong supplier partnerships. The company emphasizes sustainability and fairness, including fair trade practices that support both local and international suppliers. REWE’s commitment to ethical business practices fosters trust and reliability.

5. E.Leclerc

Country: France
Overview: E.Leclerc is a major French retail chain that supports local producers and emphasizes fair trade. The supermarket is known for its fair payment terms and dedication to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Their focus on local sourcing helps sustain the regional agricultural economy.

6. Carrefour

Country: France (and across Europe)
Overview: Carrefour, one of Europe’s largest retailers, is committed to sustainable and ethical practices. The company has implemented various programs to ensure fair trade and timely payments to suppliers, with a particular focus on local and regional products. Carrefour’s efforts help build sustainable supply chains.

7. Sainsbury’s

Country: United Kingdom
Overview: Sainsbury’s has a strong reputation for treating suppliers fairly. The supermarket has a robust supplier code of conduct and is committed to prompt payments and fair pricing. Sainsbury’s aims to foster long-term relationships with suppliers, ensuring mutual growth and sustainability.

8. Migros

Country: Switzerland
Overview: Migros is Switzerland’s largest retail company, known for its cooperative structure and ethical practices. Migros prioritizes fair payment terms and has strong relationships with local suppliers. Their focus on sustainability and fairness in the supply chain sets a high standard in the industry.

9. Tesco

Country: United Kingdom (and across Europe)
Overview: Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in Europe, has made significant efforts to improve relationships with suppliers. The company has initiatives to ensure timely payments and fair pricing, building sustainable supply chains and supporting supplier growth.

10. Marks & Spencer

Country: United Kingdom
Overview: Marks & Spencer (M&S) is known for high-quality products and ethical sourcing practices. The company is committed to fair trade and ensures that suppliers are paid promptly and fairly. M&S supports small and local suppliers through various programs, fostering a sustainable supply chain.


These supermarkets set the benchmark for fair and ethical treatment of suppliers in Europe. Their commitment to prompt payments, fair pricing, and long-term partnerships not only benefits suppliers but also enhances the quality and sustainability of products available to consumers. By leading the way in ethical sourcing and fair trade practices, these supermarkets contribute to a more equitable and sustainable food supply chain.


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