Press Release Formatting Recommendations 

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Press Release Formatting Recommendations 

While every press release deals with unique subject matter, every item that is submitted to our site should follow these general formatting recommendations: 

  • Use concise, clear language that describes an upcoming event or reports on a recent event, such as a book publication or notable conference. The press release may also notify the readers of changes in personnel within an organization or significant modifications to their procedures and policies. 
  • All press releases must be between 300 and 1500 words in length. The news summary included with the release must also be no longer than two sentences. 
  • Double-space all content and cover the five W’s of the newsworthy event in the first paragraph: who, what, why, where, and when. 
  • There should not be any email addresses within the body of the release. If an email address is required, use this formatting: name (at) service (dot) com. 
  • The press release should not contain HTML tags, tables, line breaks, or any other non-traditional characters. Capitalization should follow standard grammar etiquette. Capitalizing complete words for emphasis is strongly discouraged. 
  • All links must be active and contain acceptable extensions (jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, pdf, doc*,xl*, ps, rtf, ppt, mpeg, mp3, and mov only). Use links sparingly. Ideally, the press release should only 1 link for every 100 words. For example, a 500 word press release should contain fewer than 5 links in the body. 
  • Include a date for the release, making sure to specify whether the release is intended for immediate publication or should be released at a later time. If it is for future release, state the date that it must be officially distributed. 
  • If the press release is longer than a single page, include the word “more” at the bottom of every page. In addition, include the release subject and/or your name on every proceeding page. Include the word “end” at the bottom of the final page.

Press Release Content Requirements 

Press releases must adhere to the following guidelines to be considered for publication on this site. Please ensure that your release meets this criteria before submitting it to our editorial staff: 

  1. NEWSWORTHINESS All press releases must pertain to a newsworthy event, product, or service. We do not accept releases that are solely for advertising or marketing purposes. The content must offer real value to the reader and be supported by factual information. 
  2. MAINTAIN OBJECTIVITY The press release should be unbiased and objective. Avoid using direct callouts, such as “I” or “you”, which address the reader in a personal manner. In addition, refrain from using exclamation points, exaggerations, or any other “hype” content, as this can detract from the overall credibility of the release. 
  3. FACT-CHECKED All press releases submitted to the site must be fact-checked and completely accurate. We do not personally verify the information within the releases. Thus, the content must be free or errors and inaccurate statements before it is submitted to eLearning Industry. If you are submitting a release regarding legal or political issues, be sure to include the case number, court name, and supporting documentation with your press release. 
  4. WRITTEN CONSENT AND/OR AUTHORIZATION Some press releases may require written content or authorization from a company or individual. One such example is network marketing content that calls for the organization’s written consent. The use of stock ticker symbols also requires authorization from the company who holds the symbol. 
  5. CONTACT INFORMATION Include the name of the person or organization who is submitting the press release. Their phone number and/or email address must also be mentioned. Any press releases that do not contain this information will be ineligible for distribution. If possible, include the website and physical address of the company or individual. 
  6. CORRECT GRAMMAR AND SPELLING Carefully examine the press release before submission to ensure that it is free or grammar and spelling errors. Our editorial staff does not proofread and/or make revisions to releases to prepare them for publication. This is the responsibility of the press release provider. Make sure to define any technical or industry-specific jargon used in the release. 
  7. RELIABLE SOURCE All content must be supported by factual information that is widely available and/or provided by a reliable source. We require that all news sources be clearly identified at the top of the press release or in the headline. If you are submitting the release at the behest of a third-party, the name of the third-party would typically be the news source.