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Alcohol Advent Calendars *Officially* Second Most Searched for Calendars in UK

  • Advent calendar Google searches have increased 103% since 2015  
  • Alcohol advent calendar searches are the second most popular advent category, peaking at a total of 30,980 monthly searches ahead of Christmas. 
  • Beer leads the way in this category with a total of 9,484 monthly searches ahead of Christmas 

New research into search trends from Beauty Daily by Clarins has revealed that advent calendars are one of the fastest-growing gifting options in the UK, with beauty-focussed offerings leading the charge. 

The online magazine from Clarins examined Google search data ahead of the gifting period, uncovering that searches for advent calendars have grown 103% in the past year.

Full breakdown of top 10 advent calendar searches by search term: 

Search term Monthly search volume 
‘beauty advent calendar’ 16,200 
‘candle advent calendar’ 14,180 
‘beer advent calendar’ 9,480 
‘makeup advent calendar’ 8,600 
‘wine advent calendar’ 7,540 
‘gin advent calendar’ 7,520 
‘coffee advent calendar’ 6,250 
‘cheese advent calendar’ 5,860 
‘whisky advent calendar’ 3,210 
‘fragrance advent calendar’ 3,100 

Alcohol related searches were the UK’s second favourite category, with 30,980 searches a month for related terms. Beer was the drink of choice, netting 9,480 searches a month, while wine came in second with 7,540 searches a month.

Beauty advent calendars were Brits’ most lusted after category, with 50,630 searches for related search terms. Calendars specialising in make-up and fragrance ruled the roost with 8,500 and 3,100 monthly searches respectively. 

Elsewhere, home and interiors happy Brits were crazy for candle calendars, with 14,180 searches a month. Scented candles took pole position as the calendar of the season, with 9,030 searches a month for related terms. 

While many Brits may be searching for a way to spoil loved ones this festive season, the increased interest in advent calendars also shines a light on self-gifting. Mintel’s 2021 report revealed that 24% of the nation bought Christmas gifts for themselves in 2021, rising to 42% among 16-24s, and figures are expected to rise again. 

London-based psychotherapist and self-love advocate Tasha Bailey says:“Gift-giving is also a love language, and therefore can be used as an expression of self-love. Giving ourselves a gift is an automatic guarantee that it is a gift that we are going to love, since no one knows us more than ourselves. Spending money on ourselves reminds of the autonomy that we have. Especially in the current climate, there can be a feeling of powerlessness as our salaries are being eaten up by the cost of living. We might also be affirming our identity by buying clothes or beauty products that “feel like us”, a way of expressing our individuality.” 

With advent calendars saving shoppers an average of £150 compared to retail prices for the products included, advent calendar purchases can also be a savvy way to get a discount as the cost of living climbs. 


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