Brits get set for first major BBQ weekend of the year as hot weather finally arrives

It’s been a really late start and we’re already half way through spring but shoppers are finally gearing up for the start of the Great British BBQ season.

With predictions of temperatures nudging 24C over the weekend, Tesco has seen demand for BBQ food jump to the top of shopping lists.

And as a good indicator as to where Brits will be dining over the weekend, the supermarket anticipates demand for BBQ fuel to double compared to last weekend.
Based on growing early demand, Tesco predicts that from Friday through to Sunday it will sell:

  • 1 million packs of sausages
  • Nearly 400,000 packs of burgers
  • 100,000 packs of plant-based meat alternatives
  • 750,000 packs of pre-packed fish
  • Nearly 500,000 packs of BBQ meat including chicken wings, beef kebabs and BBQ pulled pork
  • Nearly 1.5 million packs of burger and hot dog rolls
  • More than 1 million punnets of strawberries
  • More than 300,000 packs of Greek salad cheese
  • 1.7 million ice creams and lollies
  • Nearly 4 million bottles/cans of beer and cider
  • More than 3 million bottles of wine
  • 100,000 bags of BBQ fuel

Tesco BBQ meat range buyer Evangeline Plant said:“We anticipate that Britain will be going BBQ crazy this weekend especially after months of rain and the fact that we’re already half way through spring.

“With that in mind we know many shoppers will be putting BBQ and summer food at the top of their shopping lists and so we’ve ordered in plenty of tempting outdoor options to make sure that shoppers can make the most of the great weather.

“Shoppers are already starting to stock up, and it looks very much as though many people will be dining outdoors with family and friends.”


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