Food export. Algeria will participate to many international food trade shows in 2023

For its part, the National Center of the Trade Register (CNRC) reported an increase in the number of exporting operators which rose to 5,498 operators against 4,749 end 2021.

To boost these exports out of hydrocarbon, the state will provide its contribution through, including the subsidy of transport costs abroad, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions abroad and the exploration of foreign markets …

Indeed, an interministerial order of the setting the list of expenses incurred, rates of reimbursement and conditions for granting the subsidy as part of the state contribution to the promotion of exports, was published in the Official Journal No. 82.

“Any economic operator residing in Algeria who carries out the activity of exporting Algerian products and / or provides services contributing to the promotion of Algerian products on foreign markets benefit from the subsidy granted as part of the contribution of the state to the promotion of exports, “said the text signed by the Minister of Trade and Finance.

And to specify: “The amount of the subsidy is paid on the basis of a file submitted by the exporter or his representative, filed with the services of the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion, accompanied by the necessary supporting documents.

50% of international transport costs

In Article 3, the interministerial order specifies the expenses to be incurred and the rates of reimbursement as part of the state’s contribution to the promotion of exports.

Thus, according to the same source, the State will support “50% of the costs of international transport, domestic transport, handling and transit of products for export.

Regarding the costs of participation in events, exhibitions and fairs held abroad relating to the export activity, the state will subsidize “80% of the costs of participation in the official annual program of participation of Algeria in economic events abroad” and “50% of the costs of participation as an individual in economic events abroad”

The text indicates that the state will reimburse “10% of expenses related to the study of foreign markets for the search of outlets for Algerian products”; “10% of expenses related to the information of exporters on opportunities and export possibilities” and “10% of expenses related to studies to improve the quality and adaptation of products and services for export.

Prospecting for foreign markets, labeling and protection of products

It is also, according to the same source, the reimbursement of “10% of costs incurred by exporters related to the exploration of foreign markets” and “20% of the costs of initial establishment of commercial representations, individual or collective, on foreign markets.

The State will also reimburse “10% of the costs of publishing and disseminating promotional materials for products and services intended for export” and “10% of costs related to the use of new information technologies and communication.”

The labeling and protection of products are also concerned. Indeed, the state will subsidize “50% of the costs of creating labels” and “20% of the costs of protection abroad, products for export.

It is also “100% of the costs of awarding medals and decorations to exporters of first rank” and “100% of the costs of awarding awards for scientific research that have contributed to the improvement of non-hydrocarbon exports.”

Agreements with public and private transport companies

Article 4 of the Order states that the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion concludes agreements with public and private land, air and sea transport companies “for the purpose of transporting goods and merchandise intended for export on behalf of economic operators exporters.

“It is paid to transport companies mentioned in the paragraph above, 50% of transport costs that represent the value of the subsidy from which the exporter as provided for in Article 3 above, “adds the same article.

“Claims for reimbursement of transport costs are filed after justification of repatriation of export earnings,” says Article 5 of the text, which specifies: “Claims for reimbursement of costs of participation in exhibitions and economic events are filed after the closure of the event and the completion of any


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