Inflation: Prices in supermarkets have increases by over 15% in 2022

While overall inflation has shown a slight slowdown in Belgium, this has not yet really translated into the supermarket. Foodstuffs remain overall much more expensive than a year ago. prices in supermarkets have increased by 16.47% in December 2022 compared to December 2021.

Consumers therefore pay almost a fifth more for the same basket than a year ago, reports Test-Achats.
A family of 2 now pays €497 per month on average at the supermarket, an increase of €82 compared to December 2021 and €9 more than last November.
Inflation at the supermarket has indeed climbed between November and December, pulverizing the previous record of 18.11% recorded the previous month.
The detail: every month, the consumer organization analyzes the evolution of prices in supermarkets on the basis of a basket composed of more than 3,000 products in 7 brands. We know that:

Spaghetti is the product with the largest rise (53%), followed by frozen French fries (50%), aluminum foil (47%) and frying oil (43%).
More generally, frozen foods are now on average 23% more expensive than in 2021.
Dairy products are also particularly affected by this record inflation, with an average increase of 27%. Young gouda is thus 41% more expensive, butter 38% and semi-skimmed milk has increased by 30%, lists the consumer organization.
Eggs and meat are no exception as they are sold respectively 29% and 19% more expensive, on average.
Cleaning products are up 18% and beverages 11%.
The increase is more relative for fruit, with a 9% increase.
Two exceptions: Granny Smith apples and wipes are slightly cheaper than a year ago, down 2 and 0.2 percent.

Why: The causes of these price increases are obviously diverse, but the war in Ukraine comes out on top.

The conflict has indeed caused several shortages of raw materials, including oil.
Poor harvests.
Avian flu in Europe.
An energy crisis that affects transportation, packaging, storage, freezing, labor and other costs.


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