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Poland- A number of retail chains have decided to increase the salaries of their employees.

Biedronka, Aldi and Lidl chains have already raised wages

As a reminder, from January 2023, the ALDI chain has introduced pay rises for all positions in the sales area, distribution centres and administration.

The earnings of employees in ALDI shops in January 2023 for the position of an entry-level salesperson are between PLN 3710 and PLN 4210. A salesperson after three years of work can expect to earn between PLN 4010 and PLN 4610. For the position of shop manager, the rates range from PLN 5910 to 6810 for a beginning employee and from PLN 6810 to 7710 for a shop manager after three years of work. A beginner store manager can expect a salary of PLN 4160 and a store manager after three years of work PLN 4860.

Also, more than 60,000 employees of the Biedronka chain in shops and distribution centres received a salary higher by an amount of approximately PLN 500 to PLN 700 from 1 January 2023. Biedronka will allocate almost PLN 600 million a year for increases for employees in basic positions.

A salesperson-cashier starting work at the chain will earn from January 2023 no less than PLN 3950 to PLN 4300, and if he or she has seniority of more than three years from PLN 4100 to PLN 4550. A starting shop manager will get no less than PLN 5800.

Increased salaries are also awaiting employees of distribution centres of the Biedronka chain. A warehouseman with the least seniority will be able to count on PLN 4300 – 4600, and an administrative and warehouse inspector on PLN 4950 – 5250.

Lidl has also announced large increases for employees, effective from 1 January 2023.

From the new year, shop employees will earn between PLN 4200 gross and PLN 5150 gross at the start of employment. After one year of employment, the employer guarantees an increase in pay to – PLN 4400 gross to PLN 5350 gross, and after two years of seniority from PLN 4600 gross to PLN 5600 gross. The level of remuneration is defined each time in the employment contract.


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