Toujust- A new low-cost supermarket is on its way to France.

Toujust works directly with producers and farmers, eliminating as many “middlemen” as possible.

A new low-cost supermarket brand is set to launch in France, promising to provide prices up to 10% lower than current brands through a supplier relationship approach.

Fabrice Gerber, a former hypermarket director who had worked with Aldi, Leclerc, and Système U, established the Toujust brand. He stated that the store’s margin is 28%, which is used to determine prices.

Toujust is a variation on the French term ‘tout juste,’ which meaning ‘all fair’ or ‘just proper’.

To provide cheaper pricing for customers, the supermarket works directly with suppliers. It also directs 25% of its revenues to producers and suppliers and eliminates as many “middlemen” as feasible.

Mr Gerber claims that consumer pricing would be at least 5-10% lower than competitors’. For some commodities, the difference might be considerable, especially because a 2022 research found that the same basket of goods can vary by as much as 17% depending on brand and region.


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