Conad, private label grows (+12.6 percent in value) and reaches 32.4 percent share of total LCC

Conad renews its participation in the nineteenth edition of Marca by BolognaFiere 2023, scheduled to take place in Bologna on January 18 and 19, consolidating its historic presence at the event dedicated to the retailer’s brand, with the aim of accompanying suppliers and sector stakeholders towards the strategic cornerstones that guide the development of Conad-branded products: convenience given by a quality-price ratio that fears no comparison on the market, focus on customer health and well-being, commitment to sustainability, enhancement of service and consolidation of the premium offer.

Cornerstones that made it possible to close another year with excellent results: the Conad MDD in 2022 captured a 32.4% share of the total FMCG packaged goods market at the Italian level (super channel), with a turnover of 5.4 billion euros, up +12.6% in value compared to 2021. This growth was achieved thanks to partnerships with more than 700 suppliers with whom the brand collaborates in the production of branded products and with whom it shares a vision and a set of principles and values.

“The retailer’s brand increasingly represents a strategic asset in the country’s economy that supports the development of the agrifood chain by supporting small and medium-sized businesses and families,” says Francesco Avanzini (in photo), general manager of Conad. “It is even more so for our brand, where Conad-branded products represent a point of reference in the spending of more than 11.5 million families, contributing decisively to the consolidation of our leadership in the world of large-scale retail trade. “We nurture valuable relationships with our suppliers every day,” continues Avanzini, “to meet the needs of our customers through the elements that have always distinguished us: quality at a price that fears no comparison, year-round convenience, and attention and commitment to the environment and community well-being. Values that belong to our sustainability project ‘Let’s Sustain the Future,’ an expression of many concrete initiatives implemented on our branded products as well.”


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