France- Intermarché Enters the Second-Hand Market

Intermarché is the newest retail giant to incorporate the selling of used clothing into its shop offerings. It follows in the footsteps of other competitors, such as Auchan and Continete, which have previously opened rooms for the sale of secondhand fashion products in their hypermarkets.

Juliana Ribeiro, Founder of Elise, noted that the city of Barcelos was chosen to host the project’s first location because it is a fashion reference and one of the country’s leading textile and garment industry manufacturers.

The second-hand items are chosen by Elise’s team and then go through a rehabilitation procedure before being sold in the store. According to Ribeiro, the goal is “to provide the public an alternative to fast fashion and also to demystify the prejudice that still exists with second-hand clothes, especially in cities outside large metropolitan centres, by supporting circular economy and prolonging the life cycle of apparel.”


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