In two weeks, eBay will increase the selling fee for US sellers.

On February 1st, as part of its 2023 Winter Seller Update, eBay made the news.

 eBay said that starting on February 15, 2023, it would increase several fees for US sellers. eBay’s “final value fees” are a combination of commission and payment-processing charges, and the corporation stated that any one category’s rise will not exceed 0.35%. It was stated that costs won’t change for several categories.

Fees will rise for the majority of categories from 12.9% to 13.25%. Book and media sellers will experience a rise from 14.6% to 14.95%.

eBay will reimburse its 30-cent per-order charge (effectively a portion of its payment-processing take) in more circumstances where a seller willingly refunds a customer:

“Last year, we made the announcement that we’d refund your $0.30 per order charge if you allowed a customer to cancel their order before you sent their goods. We’re increasing the per-order fee credit when you deliver exceptional service to the buyer by giving a complete refund in response to the good feedback we got from sellers. We’ll extend the $0.30 credit for returns that you voluntarily repaid starting on February 15, 2023, when a customer returns an item for any of the reasons listed below.

Additionally, eBay will no longer charge for its “Scheduled listing” upgrade and its “Buy It Now” listing upgrade for auction-format listings.

As an example, “Bold and Gallery Plus listing upgrade costs will no longer be dependent on the auction starting price or Buy it Now item price,” according to a statement from eBay, some optional upgrade fees will no longer be based on these prices.


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