New Efficient Store Model: Mercadona presents its latest initiative

Mercadona, the famous supermarket chain in spain, has just signed a collaboration agreement with Iberdrola and Repsol to improve electric mobility. It will involve a joint investment of 21 million euros in charging points for electric vehicles.

The objective is very ambitious, given that approximately 5,000 semi-fast charging posts are to be installed, making Mercadona’s charging network one of the largest private networks in Spain and southern Europe. These are posts that multiply the recharge speed by six, from 3.7 kW to 22.

Mercadona currently has 2,000 recharging points and 100 are already semi-fast, a technology that will be gradually extended to the rest of the chain’s shops. The aim is that by the end of 2024 all the shops will have what the company calls the New Efficient Store Model and that they will have these specific points.

As confirmed by Mercadona itself, it will be Iberdrola and Repsol who will manage the service and customer service of these charging points that customers will be able to use while shopping. To do this, it will be necessary to download the Recarga Pública Iberdrola and Repsol’s Waylet apps, which, among other things, allow customers to find the nearest charger, check that it is available and make the payment.


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