Worten launches a new website

Worten has just launched a new website that improves the consumer experience, while affirming the brand as the “one stop shop”, also from the navigation point of view.

The new website supports the more than three million products on offer, without this volume affecting performance or navigation. “The renewal of the Worten website, the e-commerce site with the highest national traffic, aims above all to reinforce our absolute focus on the customer and on the design and on the ultra-customisation of their experience so that they find ‘everything and more I don’t know what’, on a site 100% adapted to the user. It is the result of a multidisciplinary effort between all our teams, created 100% in Portugal, with proprietary cutting edge technology and showing that Worten is every day more of a digital company, with physical shops and a very human touch”, says Gaspar d’Orey, Head of Digital Business at Worten.

The new Worten website, now presented, is not a mere visual change, but rather a new platform developed from scratch internally, over more than two years. The new platform has been a major focus of Worten to reach more and more customers, providing them with an increasingly positive experience, says the brand in a press release.


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