Asda offers customized apparel line for children with disabilities.

ASDA has introduced a new adapted clothes range to help children and young people with impairments dress independently.

Following the successful debut of its Easy on Easy Wear school uniform range last September, the firm has launched a collection of everyday casualwear particularly modified to make independent dressing simpler for persons with special needs and limited mobility.

The clothing include subtle and functional changes that make day-to-day wearing easier for children with special needs, while remaining attractive and on-trend.

Hidden hook and loop closures on necklines make sweatshirts and tees simpler to slide into, as do higher backs and longer legs to provide a flat waistline and proper leg length while seated.

“It was incredibly essential that we developed our adapted collection in accordance with the main kidswear range, so children with disabilities may wear the same as their peers,” said George’s purchasing manager . “It was critical to us that these items stay reasonably priced and affordable to all of our clients”.


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