Aldi will no longer be found in Danish market

Aldi, the supermarket operator, has sold a significant portion of its Danish locations to other businesses as it gets ready to exit the country’s market.

The most recent news comes after Norwegian-owned supermarket Rema1000 announced in December that it will take over 114 of the 188 Aldi locations presently operating in Denmark.

Aldi said on Thursday that it was selling a total of 11 new locations, 4 to Lidl, and 1 to Coop.

The German company’s departure from Denmark will be signaled by the closing of Aldi outlets. As their closure dates approach, the stores that are due to close will host deals to get rid of their merchandise.

Aldi announced in a statement that 1,750 of its 2,800 employees in Denmark will remain in their positions.

The final clearance of the business authorities is required before other firms can take over the Aldi outlets.


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