The Schwarz Group intends to expand its electric car charging network across Poland.


Lidl Poland wants to attract customers driving electric cars. It intends to carry out a major project involving ‘the foundation of publicly accessible charging stations for electric cars with a power of not less than 50 kW and less than 150 kW’. Kaufland is pursuing a similar strategy.


65 electric car charging stations at Lidl shops
Lidl in Poland also wants to implement this plan. At the end of 2022, it went into operation.

    The project is funded by the Lidl company. The company is also applying for support under priority programme 6.4 ‘Zero-emission transport Support for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure’.

Lidl is looking for partners to implement this project. Among other things, a competition for the supply of 65 charging stations was launched in November. Contractors are also being sought to upgrade the chain’s facilities and car parks for the charging stations.

Electric car charging stations at Lidl shops will be equipped with 3 connectors (AC: TYPE 2, DC: CCS, DC: CHAdeMO).

In the stations it is possible to charge two cars at the same time (one on an AC connection and one on a DC connection).

– Charging is free of charge and does not require authorisation,
– the stations are open during shop opening hours to allow customers to charge while they shop,
– charging time limited to 2h on the AC connection and 1h on the DC connections.

Kaufland also wants electric vehicle charging stations

Kaufland also launched a competition at the beginning of January. The tender is for a project concerning the delivery of electric vehicle charging stations to Kaufland stores located in Poland, together with their installation and commissioning in the amount of 94 units.



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