Munich: Rewe’s Supermarket of the future

It is to become the supermarket of the future across the country. What currently not only sounds futuristic, but also feels surreal, became reality in Munich, the first cashierless Rewe store opened at Königsplatz in Munich.

Before that, there was already a test phase with hybrid stores in Cologne and Berlin. Here, it was still possible to pay at conventional checkouts. The Rewe stores passed the test, which is why the company has now taken the next step towards fully autonomous shopping.

Rewe announced before the opening, just as much manpower is needed as in conventional supermarkets.

“Our team consists of a total of 11 employees. The colleagues are increasingly used, for example, in merchandise clearance, which requires more effort due to the technologised ‘Pick&Go’ shopping system,” says store manager Sarah Popovic.

The fully autonomous supermarket should above all be convenient and time-saving. Customers no longer have to queue at the checkout. “Pick&Go” is emblazoned brightly on the façade of the Rewe store – the shopping system of the new supermarket in Munich’s Maxvorstadt district. In concrete terms, this means: customers take the goods from the shelves and can simply leave. The bill is conveniently sent to their smartphone.


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