Intermarché records light revenue growth in 2022

the umbrella group for the Intermarché and Netto supermarket chains, saw its sales increase by 2.3% last year. The increase in sales was significantly higher in Belgium.

The Les Mousquetaires group, active in food, DIY and mobility, achieved a turnover of more than 36 billion euros in 2022, representing growth of 2.3%. The year was marked by a context of unprecedented inflation, strong cost pressure and changing purchasing behavior. As a result, entrepreneurs have focused on cost savings to meet the expectations of consumers who have seen their purchasing power decline and have focused on essential purchases, the statement said.

The group’s supermarket chains – Intermarché and Netto – had a combined turnover of 31.3 billion euros. In France, the market share reached 15.9%, with particularly strong growth for the discount chain Netto (+8.3%). In Belgium, the 77 supermarkets achieved sales of 825 million euro, up 7.2%. The national market share there increased by 14 points to 2.97%. Since the beginning of 2023, the group has been working on the integration of the 86 supermarkets acquired from the Mestdagh group.

The Bricomarché, Bricorama, Brico Cash and BricoPrivé DIY chains together accounted for sales of 4.4 billion euros. In France in particular, the retailer has suffered from price increases and supply problems. In Poland, Intermarché and Bricomarché recorded growth of 10.5%, while in Portugal it was 9.5%.

Les Mousquetaires are themselves food producers: the Agromousquetaires industrial division, with its 56 factories, achieved a turnover of 4.5 billion euros, up 8.5%.

Since the beginning of this year, the group has a new chairman: Thierry Cotillard wants to focus even more strongly on discounting, digitalization and sustainability.

source : Retail Detail



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