Aldi anything but crepe on social media – as it tops the supermarket table with nearly 600k Pancake Day Instagram views.

Aldi anything but crepe on social media – as it tops the supermarket table with nearly 600k Pancake Day Instagram views.

With supermarkets taking to social media to promote their Pancake Day offerings, discounter Aldi emerged as the most engaging, new analysis has shown, with an Instagram recipe reel on caramel protein pancakes chalking up an amazing 247,000 views and nearly 2,700 likes and two of its other pancake-related reels securing nearly 350,000 views between them.

Fellow discounter LIDL shared just one pancake day post on Instagram which garnered 300 likes and 450,000 views as a reel.

The analysis, conducted by social media specialists Maybe*, found Morrisons to be the most active of the multiples with eight posts about Pancake Day, including Instagram collaborations with influencers Dad Download and Hello Baker Girl, which received 23,000 views and 76,000 views respectively.

It was also a successful event for ASDA, whose most successful post being an Instagram reel promoting its cinnamon bun pancakes, which received over 48,000 views. Other reels that posted by ASDA on Nutella pancakes and vegan banana and oat pancakes were seen by 23,000 and 18,000 Instagram users respectively. 

“These figures show the power of social media and particularly the reach you can get from really engaging Instagram reels,” explains Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO of Maybe*.

“All of the supermarkets recognised the value to be gained in producing content that is not only beautifully shot but also, in guiding the viewer through a how-to recipe with the precise ingredients needed, they are providing a real incentive to go from online to in-store to make what they have seen.”

Tesco’s Instagram Reel on birthday cake pancakes received more than 43,000 views and nearly 500 likes whilst its reel with Jamie Oliver showing you how to make mini apple pancakes was watched by almost 39,000 people.

Sainsburys received 40,000 views and 819 likes for its Biscoff pancake Instagram reel and 28,000 views and 329 likes for its reel showing you how to make rhubarb and custard pancakes. 

Marks and Spencer ran just one pancake-related Instagram reel, promoting its Percy Pigs and Colin the Caterpillar pancakes, which was watched 128,000 times, though it also posted four times on its Instagram grid averaging just over 1100 likes per post. 

Waitrose shared pancake reels on Instagram, which received 123,000 and 55,000 views between them, repeating the latter on Facebook ,which received 114 likes and 24 comments. 

Maybe* provides a range of social media engagement and insight tools that help clients engage with conversations on social media to improve business results. These tools enable businesses to see what content is working best and boost their best performing content, to compare their social media performance to competitors or collaborators, and, by knowing what content is working, being able to join the right conversations. The company works with BIDs and local authorities across the UK to train retailers in how to position themselves at the centre of local conversations to ensure their businesses gain support and interest.


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