Algeria Investment, the highest growth to expect in the next five years in Africa

“Algeria has become a real destination for investment through the reforms carried out by the Government,” said Benabderrahmane, on the sidelines of his participation in the work of the first day of the U.S. – African Summit.

He has, to this end, highlighted the new legal and organizational framework that enshrines, he said, “important principles in particular the freedom to invest and gives everyone the total freedom of choice of investment in the context of transparency and equality in the treatment of investments.

1 – The Algerian climate

Located between the desert and the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria enjoys a particularly pleasant climate when you stay there on vacation. Both mild and temperate, it is regular throughout the seasons, and makes this destination suitable, whatever the time of year.

It must be said that the proximity to the sea plays a particularly interesting role here, especially in the north of Algeria. Hot and dry in summer, mild and humid in winter, this region enjoys a real promise of pleasant weather when one decides to visit it.

Nevertheless, if this country is sometimes compared to California, it is not for nothing! What to enjoy the

2 – The deserts of Algeria

 Why is Algeria a better place to go than Morocco?

Going to the desert is not always a good idea, but in Algeria, some dunes are worth seeing!

How can we talk about Algeria without mentioning its permanent proximity to different deserts? Of course, we find the famous Saharan desert, but we also find the Hoggar region, Illizi, etc. In short, Algeria is composed of 84% of desert territories, that is to say the importance that this element has!

An importance which is also confirmed by the tourist attractiveness. Because in addition to being a carrier of escape, the desert is often of a beauty without name, as testifies Tassili n’Ajjer, the biggest desert of the world, which shelters the city Sefat where its exposed thousands of rupestrian paintings.

A source of tradition and history, which is accompanied by attractions such as quad biking or camel riding in the Sahara. What to enjoy in all relaxation of the wealth of Algeria!

3 – Algerian cuisine

There are cuisines in the world that leave us less indifferent than others. This is the case of Algerian cuisine, directly imbued with the oriental spirit and the Maghrebian spirit. Flavors full of textures that come together in dishes all more exotic than the others.

But if Algeria is well known for something, it is for its typical products, like dates, reputed to be the best on the planet, but also Kabyle olives (and olive oil), or wheat, clementine, in short, a rich and endless land!

Nestled on the borders of the Mediterranean and the Maghreb, Algeria has a cuisine between land and sea, which places the tagine or couscous as national dishes … for our greatest pleasure! What to travel also by the papillae!

4 – The hospitality of Algerians

And yes, Algeria is a true land of hospitality and benevolence, even towards tourists! According to its tradition, the country is full of beautiful souls, who will be as attentive to you as to others.

Of course, it is not uncommon for a tourist to be more likely to arouse curiosity, but the fact remains that the welcome is all the more warm! Whatever the problem, there is a good chance that an Algerian will come to our aid, between sharing and total disinterest.

5 – Algeria’s cultural wealth

 Where to go in Algeria?

While strolling in the cities, it is often likely to come across music, a sign that Algeria is hollow, for our greatest happiness!

Real land of vestiges and former French province, Algeria is a land of history and incredible memories! Far from simple ruins, it is a rooted identity which is delivered to us here, through the various regions like Kabylia.

Enough to make all the budding anthropologists tremble, who will be delighted to find here a quantity of architectural, religious and cultural wonders without equal. Because yes, wherever you are, there is always something to see, something to do in Algeria. Come on, ready to book a ticket to Algiers?

6 – The third largest mosque in the world is Algerian

Speaking of Algiers, if there is one reason why Algeria is a destination of choice, it is for its mosques, especially one: the Great Mosque of Algiers. Indeed, Djamaâ El-Djazaïr is a mosque recently completed (in April 2019), after seven years of construction!

With an area of 20,000 m2 it is therefore the third largest mosque in the world, just after the Masjid al-Haram (in Mecca), and the Masjid al-Nabawi (in Medina). On the other hand, it is the largest mosque in Africa, and its minaret is the highest in the world.

Between architecture and culture, the Mosque of Algeria is worth a visit, if only for its central nave, surrounded by colonnades, or for its panoramic observation post at the top. All you have to do is buy a plane ticket!

8 – Algeria, a breathtaking coastal country

 What is the climate to go to Algeria?

With its coastline and beautiful beaches, Algeria is an ideal destination to have a good time!

We mentioned it, but Algeria is a land of contrast, between desert land and sea land. And the latter is not in rest to give us desire to leave! Between the city of Algiers and Oran, the majority of the Algerian population is concentrated. Miracle: all are located near the coast!

And for good reason, the Algerian coastline is a delight when it comes to vacations. Bordered by mountains, Algeria’s coastal cities are divided over more than 1500 km, and give all its essence to the harmony and charm of the country.

To the east of Algiers, we find the “Turquoise Coast”, not to be missed under any pretext, for its rocky creeks, or its fine sandy beaches. It is also possible to indulge in aquatic activities, such as fishing or diving. In short, a little bubble of well-being for all lovers of beautiful places.

9 – Visit Algeria: the Martyr’s Memorial

Like all countries, some visits are essential, for which we would be ready to make the trip. The Martyr’s Memorial is one of them. Located on the heights of Algiers, this concrete construction is actually a memorial, in memory of the chahids of the war of independence.

Erected in 1982, it is a tribute to the fighters who died for the liberation of the country, and has become a symbol of the war against the French occupation. Designed by Marian Konieczny and Bachir Yellès, it quickly became a source of genuine interest for Algerians, but also for tourists. Because when we talk about Algeria, we also talk about History.

So, Algeria is not to be outdone when it comes to offering us reasons to come and visit. So, ready to take out your passports? As a family, as a couple or solo, the Algerian sweetness is waiting for you!


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