Chinese consumers prefer foreign supermarkets

There are several reasons why Chinese consumers may prefer foreign supermarkets over domestic ones:

  1. Trust in Quality: Many Chinese consumers associate foreign supermarkets with higher quality products and more stringent food safety standards than domestic supermarkets. This is especially true for imported products, which are often perceived as safer and of higher quality than domestic products.
  2. Perception of Innovation: Foreign supermarkets are often perceived as being more innovative and offering a wider range of products than domestic supermarkets. This is especially true for niche or specialty products that may not be available in domestic supermarkets.
  3. Shopping Experience: Foreign supermarkets often provide a more pleasant and convenient shopping experience, with wider aisles, more spacious stores, and a greater emphasis on customer service. This is in contrast to many domestic supermarkets, which can be crowded and chaotic.
  4. Brand Recognition: Many foreign supermarket chains, such as Carrefour and Walmart, have established strong brand recognition in China. This can make them more appealing to consumers who are familiar with these brands from their travels or experiences living abroad.
  5. E-commerce: Foreign supermarkets often have a more established e-commerce presence than domestic supermarkets, making it easier for consumers to shop online and have products delivered directly to their homes.

It’s important to note that these factors may not apply to all Chinese consumers and that preferences can vary based on individual preferences and circumstances.


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