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Albert Heijn: 100% Electric Home Delivery of Groceries and Supplies in Rotterdam City Center

We are thrilled to announce that Albert Heijn now offers 100% electric home delivery for groceries and supplies in the center of Rotterdam. Following the successful implementation of this initiative in The Hague last year, we are expanding our sustainable delivery practices to Rotterdam, with Utrecht and Amsterdam to follow later this year.

Customers residing in Rotterdam’s city center can now enjoy the convenience of having their groceries delivered via electric vans, while the Albert Heijn stores in the area will also be supplied using fully electric means. This transition to electric vehicles ensures quieter and cleaner transportation in the local community, without compromising on the ease of service. By the end of 2024, all customers and stores in Rotterdam will receive emission-free deliveries. Additionally, the city centers of Utrecht and Amsterdam will adopt this eco-friendly approach in the coming months.

“Sustainability is a key pillar for us, and making transportation more environmentally friendly is crucial. By increasing the number of electric kilometers in our cities, we achieve quieter and cleaner transport, thereby reducing noise and local CO2 emissions. These steps align with our mission to make better food accessible to everyone and contribute to a more sustainable world,” said Constantijn Ninck Blok, Director of Logistics and Supply Chain at Albert Heijn.

The switch from diesel trucks to electric trucks results in significant environmental benefits. In urban settings, an electric truck saves approximately 75,000 kg of CO2 per year compared to a diesel truck, while an electric van saves around 13,000 kg of CO2 annually compared to its diesel counterpart.

Furthermore, our distribution center in Pijnacker serves as the departure point for electric trucks operating in the Rotterdam region. It boasts the largest fast-charging square for electric trucks in the Netherlands, spanning over 2,000 m2 and featuring 12 fast charging stations capable of providing 350 kW per station. The center is powered, in part, by the energy generated by over 10,000 solar panels installed on its roof. With an hour of charging, the electric trucks have a range of approximately 200 km.

Albert Heijn remains committed to creating a sustainable future through innovative practices and reducing our environmental footprint. We are excited to offer our customers in Rotterdam emission-free home deliveries, contributing to a cleaner and greener city.


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