Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices now available on fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Retailer expands Nectar Prices with great discounts on fresh produce, including popular products such as strawberries and avocados
  • Nectar Prices is also rolling out into food-to-go products and ready meals including branded and own brand ranges
  • There are now over 2800 products included in Nectar Prices, with all offers available in store and online

Following the launch of Nectar Prices earlier this year, Sainsbury’s is now expanding its loyalty initiative by introducing offers on fresh produce for the first time. Nectar’s 18 million users can now access a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables at a lower price, helping to make big savings when shopping in Sainsbury’s supermarkets or online.

As of today, customers will be able to get great Nectar Prices on a variety of popular fresh fruit and vegetables including by Sainsbury’s Strawberries (usually £2.25, Nectar Price £1.75), by Sainsbury’s Easy Peelers (usually £1.35, Nectar Price £1), Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Vittoria Cherry Vine Tomatoes (usually £2.25, Nectar Price £1.75) and by Sainsbury’s Medium Ripe & Ready Avocados (usually £1.60, Nectar Price £1.20)*.

Customers can enjoy up to half price on selected products including household staples such as by Sainsbury’s Best of British apples (usually £1.70, Nectar Price 85p) and Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Jersey Royal Potatoes (usually £3, Nectar Price £1.50).

For the first time, Nectar Prices will also be available on a selection of branded ready meals such as Wasabi Chicken Katsu Curry with Rice (usually £4.25, Nectar Price £3.75) and Charlie Bigham’s Lasagne (usually £9.50, Nectar Price £7).

Sainsbury’s own-brand ready meals including Taste the Difference and by Sainsbury’s products will also be included with great offers on family favourites including Taste the Difference Fish Pie (usually £4.25, Nectar Price £3.75), by Sainsbury’s Chicken Tikka Masala (usually £4.25, Nectar Price £3.75) and by Sainsbury’s Stonebaked Margherita Pizza (usually £3.50, Nectar Price £1.75).

As a result of the expansion into two new categories Sainsbury’s now has over 2800 products included in Nectar Prices, helping millions of customers to save money whenever they shop with the retailer. Since the launch of Nectar Prices in April, shoppers have saved over £83 million**, with customers saving an average of £3.20 each time they shop***.

Sam Burston, Director of Nectar & Loyalty at Sainsbury’s, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to provide great value to our customers all-year round, helping customers make their money go further. With new offers now available on fresh produce and ready meals, shoppers can now access lower prices on a wider range of essential everyday items. We’re delighted that Nectar Prices has proven popular with our customers so far, and we’ll continue to expand it further in the future.”

Already a Nectar customer? All existing Nectar customers need to do to benefit from Nectar Prices is scan their app or swipe their card at checkout to save. Customers shopping online will have their discounts applied automatically if their Nectar and Sainsbury’s accounts are linked.

Want to become a Nectar customer? Shoppers can sign up to Nectar Prices by joining on the Nectar app, online at, or by picking up a Nectar card in store.


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