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Unlocking Savings: The Power of Personalized Prices in Supermarkets

Personalized Pricing:

  • Supermarkets collect data on the purchasing behavior of customers who use their loyalty cards. This data includes what products customers buy, how frequently they shop, and their spending patterns.
  • With this data, supermarkets can create personalized pricing strategies for individual customers. This means that different customers may receive different discounts or offers based on their specific buying habits.
  • Personalized pricing is often implemented through digital channels and email marketing. For example, a customer might receive an email with discounts on products they regularly purchase.
  • Supermarkets may also use mobile apps to provide personalized offers, ensuring that customers have their loyalty card linked to their digital account.

  • Benefits of Personalized Pricing and Loyalty Cards in Supermarkets:
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Loyalty cards and personalized pricing can make customers feel valued and appreciated, encouraging them to return to the store.
  • Increased Sales: By tailoring discounts and offers to individual customers, supermarkets can encourage more frequent and higher-value purchases.
  • Data Insights: Supermarkets can gather valuable data on customer preferences, helping them make informed decisions on inventory, marketing, and store layout.
  • Targeted Marketing: Supermarkets can use the data from loyalty cards to create highly targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring that customers receive offers that are relevant to their needs and preferences.
  • Competitive Advantage: Implementing personalized pricing and loyalty programs can give a supermarket a competitive edge, as customers are more likely to choose stores that offer these benefits.

Unlock Savings with Your Nectar Prices – Now Online!

Sainsbury’s Nectar users have every reason to smile as they’ve collectively pocketed over £30 million in savings this year, all thanks to Your Nectar Prices in-store via SmartShop*. Now, there’s even more good news on the horizon, as Your Nectar Prices is going online on Sainsbury’s grocery website,

Until this exciting development, Your Nectar Prices was exclusively available to digital Nectar users** when they shopped at Sainsbury’s physical stores using SmartShop. With this launch, personalized prices are being extended to an even wider audience.

Digital Nectar customers can now enjoy up to 10 personalized prices each week, with the potential to save up to 30% on their favorite products. These exclusive offers can be conveniently viewed on the Nectar app or the Nectar page on The list of items is carefully curated, taking into account the products customers regularly purchase and even predicting what they might love based on their shopping habits.

Your Nectar Prices are refreshed every Friday and remain valid for seven days, ensuring that customers receive great value throughout the year. The best part is that these offers can be used multiple times, so customers can maximize the benefits of these personalized prices.

Sainsbury’s has always been committed to offering customers excellent choices and value, and Your Nectar Prices is just one of the many ways they deliver on this promise. So far this year, customers have saved a remarkable £30 million by taking advantage of Your Nectar Prices in-store via SmartShop. Additionally, customers can explore great deals and affordable prices through Sainsbury’s own-brand value range, easily identified by its distinctive orange branding, and by selecting products included in Sainsbury’s Aldi Price Match.

Alex Naisby, Director of Loyalty & CRM at Nectar, emphasized, “Offering great value to customers is important to Sainsbury’s, and Your Nectar Prices aims to help where it really matters, by offering savings on products people love and regularly buy. Sainsbury’s customers have already saved millions of pounds by taking advantage of Your Nectar Prices in-store via SmartShop, and now we’re pleased to offer it to a wider pool of shoppers. We want as many customers as possible to reap the benefits of our personalized prices.”

To access Your Nectar Prices, customers must ensure they are digitally registered with Nectar, a simple process that can be completed online at or via the Nectar app.

To start enjoying Your Nectar Prices online, customers need to link their Nectar account to their Sainsbury’s groceries online account or the groceries app. Once linked, customers can effortlessly view Your Nectar Prices offers on the Nectar page of the website, on individual product pages, and in the groceries app. As they add these products to their shopping basket, the Your Nectar Price will be automatically applied at checkout.

*Savings data is based on the actual savings of customers using Your Nectar Prices between 1/01/2023 to 17/09/2023. Your Nectar Prices are available in-store via SmartShop and online at or through the Sainsbury’s App. Digital Nectar registration is required. For comprehensive terms and conditions, please visit


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