MSC Triumphs as ‘Shipping Company of the Year’: A Journey of Innovation, Resilience, and Industry Leadership

MSC, one of the world’s leading container shipping and logistics companies, proudly accepts the distinguished title of “Shipping Company of the Year” at the prestigious Seatrade Maritime Awards 2023. This esteemed recognition acknowledges MSC’s exceptional performance in sustaining global trade amidst the challenges posed by global and industry-wide issues. The award highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to supply chain decarbonization, notable achievements in this regard, and its pivotal role in spearheading digitalization within the industry over the past year. Notably, MSC previously secured the esteemed “Ship of the Year” accolade in 2020 for its cutting-edge vessel, the 23,000+ TEU MSC FEBE, celebrated for its state-of-the-art features encompassing energy efficiency, adoption of new technologies, safety, and security.

In the face of a global economic downturn and persistent industry challenges, including unique market conditions and operational constraints exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, MSC maintained a robust position in its cargo business. The company successfully mitigated disruptions to clients’ supply chains, ensuring an optimized customer experience during these unprecedented times.

To propel business growth and modernize its fleet, MSC unveiled its groundbreaking Celestino Maresca class vessels, each exceeding 24,000 TEUs, in July 2023. These vessels stand as the largest and most fuel-efficient containerships, exemplifying MSC’s commitment to innovation in design. Through continuous enhancements to its trade services, MSC extended comprehensive global coverage, linking businesses with major trade centers worldwide. Notably, expansions and improvements to the Intra-Asia network in October 2022 and June 2023 facilitated new direct connections, enhanced transit times, and increased capacity.

In the realm of digitalization, MSC, as a founding member of the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), pledged in February 2023 to transition to a 100% use of electronic Bills of Lading (eBLs) by 2030. This landmark commitment signifies a significant leap forward for MSC and the industry as a whole. Simultaneously, aligning with its goal of achieving net-zero decarbonization of its fleet by 2050, MSC implemented a robust set of measures to comply with the latest International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. This includes the rollout of a new voyage optimization program earlier in the year, exploration of alternative fuel solutions, and the modernization of its fleet through an industry-leading new building program.

Jonathan Zhu, Managing Director of MSC Greater China, expressed gratitude for the award, attributing it to the unwavering support of customers, trust from government authorities and partners, and the dedication of MSC personnel. In challenging times, this award serves as recognition of MSC’s strategies and innovation in sustaining global trade. Zhu emphasized the company’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in the years ahead.

The Seatrade Maritime Awards 2023, renowned for honoring those driving industry progress, is a premier accolade for maritime achievement. Winners are determined by a distinguished panel of senior industry professionals and practitioners. This year’s awards ceremony was co-hosted by the Shanghai International Port Group, further underscoring the significance of MSC’s achievement in the maritime industry.


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