Tesco Innovates Shopping Experience with Scan-Free Technology at GetGo Store

Tesco is embarking on an exciting trial of cutting-edge technology at its Fulham Reach Express GetGo store, eliminating the need for customers to manually scan their items at the checkout on self-service tills.

At the scan-free checkout, customers can simply approach, and the system will automatically generate a list of the products they have selected, streamlining the checkout process. This revolutionary technology eliminates the need for individual item scanning, allowing customers to review the list and proceed with payment in the usual manner.

Unlike other systems, there is no requirement to download or utilize the Tesco Grocery App to access the benefits of scan-free checkouts.

Presently, this innovative technology is exclusively available at the GetGo store in Fulham, representing just one facet of the varied checkout solutions designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

The three additional GetGo stores located at High Holborn and Chiswell St in London, as well as Aston University in Birmingham, offer a mobile GetGo option. With this option, customers can effortlessly select items, scan the app, and exit without engaging in a traditional checkout process. Moreover, these stores continue to provide the convenience of traditional self-service or attended tills.

Customers choosing the checkout-free option at GetGo stores receive a purchase receipt shortly after leaving, emphasizing the seamless nature of the experience. Additionally, for those who prefer cash transactions, attended tills are available at every GetGo store.

The introduction of the new scan-free option at Fulham Reach further caters to customers seeking an expedited experience at the self-service till. By simply standing in front of the checkout and pressing ‘Get Started,’ customers can effortlessly review their selected items and complete payment using a card. Tesco staff will be readily available to assist customers with any queries or concerns.

Sarah Quiggin, Head of Store Customer Experience at Tesco, expressed enthusiasm about the trial, stating, “We are constantly searching for the perfect formula to make the shopping trip as seamless and convenient as possible. This trial of scan-free checkouts will add another option for customers in Fulham Reach to save time on scanning items and will reduce queuing in store. We will be watching closely to see how customers react to this potential new option of having a list of their shopping presented to them automatically.”


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