Record demand predicted for no and low drinks this Christmas

Shoppers are set to create record demand for no and low alcohol beer, wines and spirits this Christmas.

That’s the prediction from Tesco after the supermarket saw its strongest ever sales in 2023 with high demand sustained across the year.

Demand for no and low alcohol beer at the supermarket this year has soared by more than 20 per cent, while sales of no/low wine rose by nearly 15 per cent and demand for alternatives to spirits grew by nearly 10 per cent.

To give some indication of how strong the thirst for no and low drinks has been throughout this year, during the first three weeks of the June heatwave, demand at Tesco was more than 25 per cent higher than it was for the first three weeks of Dry January.

Another massive success has been pop star Kylie Minogue’s 0% Sparkling Rosé which launched in Tesco last year and which has now become the UK’s top selling premium no alcohol wine (Nielsen Total Coverage EPOS 12 weeks ending 4 Nov 2023).

Now the supermarket is preparing itself for its strongest ever demand in December and has ordered in extra stock.

Tesco says that the main reasons for the no and low alcohol boom are:

  • New found shopper confidence in the quality of the drinks, often driven by recommendations from family and friends
  • Greater interest in health and moderation
  • An increase in product choice
  • Ease of selection in its stores with all products sitting in their own fixture

Tesco no and low alcohol wine buyer Joe Olding said:

“Based on the huge demand throughout the year we are anticipating this festive season to not only be bigger than Dry January just gone, but to be the biggest Christmas ever for no and low drinks.

“A few years ago no and low alcohol drinks might have been a consideration to have on hand for special occasions but, as our latest sales data, shows they’ve become mainstream and are now popular all year round.

“We’ve also made it easier than ever for customers to find no and low alcohol drinks as they all sit alongside each in the same aisle.”

Among the leading brands driving the no and low boom are Lucky Saint, Athletic Brewing and Guinness 0% in beer; Gordons 0% Alcohol Free Gin and the Clean Co brand in spirits; and Nozeco, Not Guilty and Kylie 0% Sparkling Rosé in wine.

The rise in demand for Kylie Minogue’s no alcohol wine has been spectacular with demand rocketing throughout the year with one million bottles sold across all UK retailers.

The drink uses a unique filtration process in order to make it less sweet and retain more of the original wine taste but without the alcohol.

Kylie Minogue said:

“When we launched our 0% Sparkling Rosé last year we knew health and wellbeing was becoming more and more important in people’s lives and so many of us are leaning in to more self-care.”

Drinkaware, an independent UK alcohol education charity which helps people make better choices about their drinking was happy to hear the news.

Karen Tyrell, CEO of the charity Drinkaware said:

“It’s good to see that people across Britain are more open to trying no and low alcohol drinks this year. 

“Drinking lower strength and alcohol-free products can be a helpful way for people to moderate their drinking and stay within the low-risk guidelines of 14 units a week. If you are unsure about how much you’re drinking, take our simple Drinking Check on the Drinkaware website.”


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