Nectar’s annual shopping round up is BACK WITH A BANG with 10 million Nectar points up for grabs

  • Nectar’s shopping round-up ‘Check you out’ returns to the Nectar app tomorrow, revealing Sainsbury’s shoppers personalised top purchases of 2023
  • From distraught Caramac lovers stocking up, to a Marmite fanatic that nabbed over 1000 jars, Nectar shares who took the crown as top buyers in 2023
  • To celebrate, Nectar is giving away at least £50,000 worth of points to 10 lucky shoppers that share their top buys on social media

Number one fan of broccoli, baked beans or basil? From tomorrow, Sainsbury’s shoppers can discover their top buys of 2023 as the highly anticipated ‘Check you out’ campaign returns to the Nectar app for its fourth year running. Available to view for one week only from 10th until 17th January, customers will be able to find a breakdown of their shopping habits throughout 2023*.

For the very first time, to mark the return of ‘Check you out’, Nectar will be giving away a whopping total of 10 million points, worth at least £50,000, across social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) . The competitions will open tomorrow and all customers need to do to be in with a chance of winning is comment on the giveaway social posts and share what their top buys of 2023 were.

10 lucky winners will then be selected to become Nectar points millionaires, receiving at least £5,000 worth of Nectar points.

Shoppers will be eagerly waiting for ‘Check you out’ to launch on the Nectar app tomorrow so they can find out the top three products they bought the most, as well as if they are a #1 buyer of a product in their local store or area. This year will see plenty of Sainsbury’s shoppers taking the crown, examples including:

  • A shopper in Oxford must have been heartbroken when they heard Caramac was being discontinued, purchasing 698 bars in 2023!
  • If you thought Angel Delight was on the way out too, you’d be wrong. It’s clearly still a guilty pleasure with one customer in Ashford purchasing nearly 2,400 packets last year
  • Love it, hate it, or utterly obsessed with it?! One marmite fan in London purchased 1,080 jars
  • Clearly still a popular cupboard staple, the top ten buyers of baked beans purchased nearly 24,000 packs in total, with the #1 buyer, from Loanhead, picking up over 3,800 by themselves
  • Someone in Glasgow clearly needed a break, as they managed to buy over 1,140 Kit Kats in 2023
  • South Croydon and Chelmsford were leading the way on spice with the top two customers for Sriracha and Tabasco
  • One customer from Dunstable just loved being Spammed – nabbing 475 cans of the iconic tinned meat last year

Shoppers will see a breakdown of how many times they’ve scanned their Nectar card or app while shopping at Sainsbury’s as well as how many Nectar points they bagged in the process.

Alex Naisby, Director of Loyalty & CRM at Sainsbury’s said: “Nectar’s ‘Check you out’ campaign never fails to bring some fun and excitement to the start of the year. We’re always surprised by the top buyers – whether we discover a true fan of Spam, someone that has gone wild for garlic, or Britain’s biggest tea drinker – something new and interesting always crops up. This year we’re going bigger than ever as we’re giving away 1 million Nectar points to 10 lucky winners. We love hearing what our customers are buying, so get involved by sharing your top three buys on our socials for a chance to win.”

To be a part of Nectar’s next ‘Check you out’, remember to swipe or scan your Nectar card when you shop at Sainsbury’s and download the Nectar app.


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