Kai Mangelberger’s Vision: FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 Soars with Smart Technology and Innovation in Agriculture

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024: Cultivating the Future of Agriculture Through Digital Innovation”

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 stands as a beacon of change, embracing a digital revolution that promises to transform the way fresh produce is grown, supplied, and sold. Set to take place in Berlin from 7 to 9 February 2024, this leading trade show for the global fresh produce business is gearing up to explore the frontiers of smart farming and technology startups.

Under the banner of “Farming Forward,” the show will host 22 exhibitors from the smart agriculture sector in a brand new stage in Hall 3.1. These innovators, including ABZ Innovation, Clarifruit, Hectre, WayBeyond, and Aerobotics, will present cutting-edge technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, data collection, yield mapping, and other digital applications. The mornings of Wednesday, 7 February, and Thursday, 8 February, will witness these pioneers showcasing their advancements and delivering expert insights on the digital revolution in farming.

The afternoons of Wednesday and Thursday will feature panel discussions on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) hosted by Tom Stenzel from the US-based CEA Alliance. Topics include sustainability in indoor production, the future viability of vertical farming, and emerging technologies. Renowned speakers such as Rick Schneiders of Siemens and Ellis Janssen of Phillips Signify will contribute their expertise to these discussions.

On Friday, 9 February, Wageningen University & Research will bring scientific rigor to the Farming Forward arena with a special symposium. The symposium will delve into the latest advances in disease monitoring, food safety, data-driven greenhouses, IoT-based systems, automation, and robotics.

Adding an exciting dimension to the event, FRUIT LOGISTICA will welcome 20 promising young companies to its annual Startup Day in Hall 5.1 on Friday. With a focus on disruptive, digital-based innovation in logistics and supply chains, visitors can expect groundbreaking ideas such as drone pollinators, AI-based plant inspectors, a global shipment tracking system, and a farming system that communicates with plants to understand their needs.

For Kai Mangelberger, the director of FRUIT LOGISTICA, the emphasis on smart agriculture and innovative supply chains is a timely addition. He expresses excitement about showcasing the immense potential of digital technologies, which are revolutionizing various aspects of the fresh produce business. Mangelberger envisions that the innovations showcased at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 will pave the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and productive future for the industry.

As the industry gears up for this transformative event, FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 promises to be a platform where technological progress meets agricultural ingenuity, charting a course towards a future where innovation propels the fresh produce business to new heights.

Kai Mangelberger, the visionary director of FRUIT LOGISTICA, is steering the event towards a higher dimension by placing a strategic emphasis on smart agriculture and pioneering supply chain innovations. In recognizing the timeliness of this focus, Mangelberger is not merely orchestrating a trade show but shaping a transformative experience that aligns with the cutting edge of technology in the agricultural landscape.

The integration of smart agriculture and innovative supply chains represents a significant leap forward for FRUIT LOGISTICA. Mangelberger’s foresight acknowledges the pivotal role that technology plays in revolutionizing the global fresh produce business. By embracing digital advancements, FRUIT LOGISTICA is not only staying abreast of industry trends but actively propelling the event into a realm where technology becomes a driving force behind the evolution of agriculture.

In this higher dimension curated by Mangelberger, FRUIT LOGISTICA becomes more than a traditional trade show; it becomes a nexus where technological prowess converges with agricultural ingenuity. By strategically highlighting the potential of digital technologies, Mangelberger is not just organizing an event but facilitating an exploration into the future—a future where sustainability, efficiency, and productivity converge seamlessly.

As FRUIT LOGISTICA unfolds, it becomes a testament to Mangelberger’s commitment to showcasing the transformative power of smart agriculture. The event serves as a stage where stakeholders from various corners of the fresh produce industry can witness firsthand the impact of technological integration on every stage of the agricultural supply chain.

In this elevated dimension of FRUIT LOGISTICA, technology is not just a tool; it is the catalyst for change. The event becomes a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and collaborations that have the potential to redefine the landscape of agriculture. Mangelberger’s leadership ensures that FRUIT LOGISTICA transcends its traditional boundaries, becoming a beacon for those eager to navigate the uncharted waters of digital transformation in agriculture.

In the capable hands of Kai Mangelberger, FRUIT LOGISTICA is not merely a trade show—it is a dynamic platform that propels the fresh produce industry towards a future where smart agriculture and innovative supply chains are the driving forces behind sustainable, efficient, and productive practices.

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