818 Tequila, Founded by Kendall Jenner, Makes UK Supermarket Debut at Tesco

In a bold move, the multi-award-winning premium Tequila brand, 818 Tequila, founded by cultural icon and entrepreneur Kendall Jenner, has officially landed on the shelves of Tesco, marking its highly anticipated UK supermarket debut. Priced at £43, this distinctive spirit, named after Jenner’s Calabasas area code, is set to tantalize the taste buds of Tequila enthusiasts across the country.

The journey of 818 Tequila into the UK market began in March 2023, and since then, it has taken the spirits scene by storm, rapidly becoming a social media sensation. The brand achieved a significant milestone by selling out at Selfridges within minutes of hitting the shelves, signaling a robust demand for this premium agave-based spirit.

Crafted with precision, 818 Tequila is carefully curated from 100% Blue Weber Agave, handpicked in the agave-rich region of Jalisco, Mexico. The brand promises a unique flavor profile, boasting notes of agave and vanilla that deliver a bright and crisp finish. Whether enjoyed neat or incorporated into cocktails, 818 Tequila offers a sophisticated and pleasurable drinking experience.

The decision to make 818 Tequila available at Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, is a strategic move that recognizes the growing popularity of Tequila among consumers. Tesco, having sold over 1.2 million bottles of Tequila in 2023, underscores the increasing trend of customers exploring and embracing agave-based spirits.

Kendall Jenner’s foray into the spirits industry with 818 Tequila aligns with the current trend of celebrity-backed drink brands gaining traction. As a cultural influencer, Jenner’s association with the brand undoubtedly adds to its appeal, contributing to its rapid success and widespread recognition.

The availability of 818 Tequila at Tesco is not just a win for the brand but also a testament to the evolving preferences of consumers who are eager to explore premium and celebrity-endorsed spirits. This latest launch signifies the continued rise in popularity of Tequila, making it a focal point for those seeking new and exciting additions to their drinks repertoire.

As 818 Tequila continues to make waves in the UK market, it reinforces the notion that the intersection of celebrity influence and premium spirits is a winning combination. Whether sipped on its own or mixed into creative cocktails, 818 Tequila is poised to become a staple on the shelves of Tesco and a go-to choice for consumers looking to elevate their drinking experience.


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