Dry January demand for No and Low booze soars

Drinkers have created soaring demand for No and Low alcohol beer, wine and spirits during ‘Dry January’. 
Since the start of the month, demand for No and Low alcohol drinks has soared by nearly 10 per cent compared with the same period last year – with No and Low spirits up by nearly 40 per cent; No and Low wine up by 20 per cent and No and Low beer and cider up by 15 per cent. 
The news follows a spectacular year for No and Low drinks which saw all-time record demand at the supermarket. 
The boom in No and Low drinks was especially pronounced over the four week Christmas period – a time better known for its indulgence rather than abstinence – which saw demand up by nearly 15 per cent.
And that record thirst seems to show no signs of slowing down judging by the enthusiastic sales so far during Dry January. 
No and Low Spirits
No and Low spirits have been the clear winner so far in Dry January with demand up by nearly 40 per cent on the same period last year. The most popular ‘spirit’ was No/Low alcohol gin, Tanqueray 0%, with demand up by nearly 200 per cent. 
No and Low Beer and Cider
So far in January, the volume of cans and bottles of No and Low alcohol sold at Tesco has grown by more than 15 per cent versus last Dry January.
Trends this year have seen people moving into No and Low craft beer types such as Lucky Saint Hazy IPA and BrewDog Hazy Jane AF as well as Thatcher’s Zero cider. 
No and Low Wine
Demand for No and Low alcohol wine has grown by nearly 20 per cent in January versus last year, with customer favourites including Kylie Minogue’s 0% Sparkling Rosé. 
It launched in Tesco in late 2022 and has now become the UK’s top-selling premium alcohol-free wine with sales at Tesco up by nearly 75 per cent during Dry January. 
Tesco Beer, Wines and Spirits Category Planning Manager Ben Cole said:“More and more customers want to be able to enjoy the social aspect of having a drink without the alcohol, but still want a quality wine, beer or spirit drinking experience.   
“With the increasing quality of ‘No and Low’ alcohol products, we are seeing a significant growth in this area with this January recording our highest ever customer demand and following hard on the heels of a record-breaking Christmas.”  
A survey – the 2023 Drinkaware Monitor – of more than 2000 drinkers, commissioned by Drinkaware and completed by YouGov found that:

  • The proportion of people who don’t drink at all has remained consistent in the UK (14 per cent), but what is changing is the mass of the UK’s population who are drinking less (39 per cent in 2023 compared with 33 per cent in 2019) – doing this by drinking No and Low products.
  • One in five drinkers reported drinking a lower strength alcoholic drink (22 per cent) and drinking non-alcoholic beer, wine or spirit substitutes (19 per cent) to moderate in 2023. 

Karen Tyrell, CEO of the charity Drinkaware said:“The growth in the sale of No and Low alcohol drinks across the country is really exciting. 
“Our research shows UK drinkers are choosing them more and more to help moderate their drinking and stay within the low-risk drinking guidelines of 14 units a week. To understand the risks of your own drinking and receive personalised advice, take the quick and free Drinking Check on our website today.”  


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