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“We love finger food” – that’s what drives us to continually craft innovative product ideas that tantalise the taste buds of consumers and provide both retail and food service industries with the flexibility to cater to diverse appetites. 

What sets Frostkrone Food Group apart in the market is our commitment to delivering innovative product ideas and an impressive array of finger foods and snacks. With operations spanning eight locations globally, our company is dedicated to developing and producing finger food and snack innovations that resonate with consumers’ palates. 

The Crucial Purchasing Criteria: Speed, Convenience, and Taste 

In today’s fast-paced world, speed, convenience, and, most importantly, taste is paramount in consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to a 2023 market research study, approximately 37% of surveyed consumers in Germany purchase frozen finger foods and snacks on a weekly basis. Similar trends are evident in other countries, notably the UK and USA. 

For consumers, the key factors influencing their purchasing decisions are speed, convenience, and, of course, taste. They seek snacks that are not only delicious but also easy to prepare. Emiel Lommen, Global Commercial Director of Frostkrone Food Group, is delighted by consumers’ emphasis on these key criteria: “These are essential factors in product development, and all our finger foods and snacks are designed to meet them. Interestingly, popular occasions for consumption include dinner and casual snacking while watching TV. Households with children and young women also appreciate the convenience of serving frozen snacks at gatherings, birthdays, or parties.” 

Exciting News for Food Enthusiasts 

With our latest snack innovation, Frostkrone Food Group is hitting the mark with our target audience: introducing Burger Balls, which offer the full flavour of traditional burgers in a trendy finger food format. 

These bite-sized balls are perfect for satisfying small cravings and are suitable for various occasions. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with a crisp salad or potato snacks, Burger Balls are sure to impress even the most discerning food connoisseurs. Simply prepare them in a convection oven, conventional oven, or air fryer and serve immediately. 

Available in BBQ, Bacon, Chicken, and Fish flavours, as well as Cheese Burger Balls featuring a perfect blend of juicy beef, robust cheddar cheese, and aromatic tomatoes. 

Exploring New Tastes 

There is a great sense of adventure and openness to new products among consumers. From seasonal themes to international snacks, combo packs, and limited editions, eight out of ten consumers express a preference for trying new things. 

This extends to embracing purely plant-based finger foods and snacks. With “Really?!” Frostkrone Food Group offers an extensive range of completely vegan, plant-based products that closely mimic the texture and appearance of their non-vegan counterparts, without compromising on taste. 

Highly sought after are our vegan seafood options, which have recently expanded our plant-based range. Our vegan shrimps and calamari, made from potato and tapioca starch with a tender yet firm texture, are coated in a crispy coating. They are a true delight and an exquisite finger food experience that promises a myriad of flavours. Whether served as a quick snack or appetiser, or used as a topping for salads and pasta dishes. 

Pioneering the Future of Finger Food 

At Frostkrone Food Group, we understand the expectations of our retail and food service partners and strive to meet the diverse tastes of consumers. Our team works tirelessly across all locations to develop new and exciting finger foods and snacks. 

Our extraordinary Food Range, Flavourites, exemplifies the innovative fusion of creativity and snack expertise. This concept allows for greater freedom and flexibility in product selection in product offerings while ensuring consistency in preparation and portioning. Flavourites are crafted using special technology that allows for flexible sizing and weight adjustments, tailored to customer preferences and usage. The result: precisely portioned products, with consistent serving sizes. Preparation is effortless, requiring just a few minutes to achieve perfection. 

A true culinary delight and exquisite finger food experience that guarantees diverse enjoyment: they can be offered as a small snack or appetizer, as well as a side dish for burgers and salads. 

Flavourites Jalapeño Nacho Cheese Bites combine the wonderfully fiery spiciness of jalapeños with creamy nacho cheese, all wrapped in a crispy coating. 

Decades of Expertise and Global Reach 

Whether it’s street food favourites, convenient pizza pockets, sophisticated fine finger food selections, or entirely vegan snacks, the versatile and extensive range of Frostkrone Food Group, coupled with our wealth of experience and global presence, establishes us as a trusted partner, for both retail and food service industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to customer demands and anticipate future trends. 

Our products are available in grocery retail outlets and food service establishments worldwide, including the USA, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, and Asia. 

PLMA in Amsterdam – Stand 1 H86 

Discover our range of products and more at the PLMA in Amsterdam on May 28th and 29th. Visit us at Hall 1, Stand 1 H86, where Frostkrone Food Group will showcase our extensive selection of finger foods and snacks. 

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