Frostkrone Food Group is very pleased to announce the induction of Tom Madden into the Frozen Food Hall of Fame 2020

Frostkrone Food Group is very pleased to announce the induction of Tom
Madden into the Frozen Food Hall of Fame 2020

Rietberg/Jerome, February 24th, 2020. Rite Stuff Foods is going to be
represented at the AFFI-CON in Las Vegas from the February 29th. The
business-to-business sessions, which are going to take place at the
Trade Fair, will concentrate on in-depth and comprehensive discussions
with business partners as the core element of the four-day conference.
One special event will be the tribute to be paid to Rite Stuff Foods
founder and long-time CEO Tom J. Madden. Tom is one of three leading
personalities who will be honored at the event, in his case for his
life’s work in the industry, which will be followed by him being
inducted into the Frozen Food Hall of Fame. Rite Stuff Foods has been
a member of the Frostkrone Food Group since 2019.

“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tom Madden on
receiving this award. He can look back with pride on an amazing life’s
work. It has been an honor for me to know him and to be able to work
with him,” explains Frédéric Dervieux, CEO of Frostkrone Food Group.

Tom J. Madden’s career initially began back in 1961, when he started
working at General Foods. In 1989, he founded Rite Stuff Foods and
subsequently developed the company into a successful producer for
potato specialities. Last year he sold the company to the Frostkrone
Food Group and handed over his management role to John MacArthur.

With currently more than 230 members of staff at the company, Rite
Stuff Foods is regarded as one of the leading producers of potato
products in the USA. The company processes the original Idaho potato
and provides their customers with an ever-increasing range of
products, including twice-baked potatoes, potato skins, potato boats,
as well as fried and stuffed peelings In recent times, Rite Stuff
Foods  also started to produce trendy finger foods and snacks such as,
for example, the very popular Mozzarella Sticks and the fiery Chili
Cheese Nuggets brands.

Business Networking in Las Vegas

The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) is the trade association
which is responsible for representing America’s frozen food and
beverage manufacturers. The annual conference concentrates on
providing a varied mix of interesting lectures and training sessions
regarding the important subjects which concern the industry.

Moreover, B2B sessions also provide producers with the opportunity to
network professionally with representatives from retail trade and
wholesale trade as well as those from the food service industry.

John MacArthur explains: “The days at the conference are ideal for an
intensive exchange with industry and trade. We meet up with
interesting business partners every year here, create new contacts and
can consolidate our existing ones.”


Rite Stuff Foods currently has more than 200 members of staff at the
company which makes it one of the leading producers of potato products
in the USA. The company exclusively processes Idaho®potatoes.

Founded back in 1989 by Thomas J. Madden, Rite Stuff Foods has
continuously developed its business and remained successful in recent
years. The producer has been managed by John MacArthur, Managing
Director of Frostkrone Food Group USA since April 2019.

Rite Stuff Food Inc. provides a steadily increasing range of delicious
potato snacks and side dishes which include, among others, twice baked
potatoes, potato skins, chopped and breaded wedges, potato boats and
potato rolls. In the future, they also intend to produce Mozzarella
Sticks, Chili Cheese Nuggets and other snacks which will also roll off
the production line at the company location in Jerome. Products, which
were only previously imported from Europe, will then be delivered from
the domestic production facility to supermarkets and into the food
service chain.

The company is audited according to USDA and SQF certified.


The Frostkrone Food Group, operating from its head office in Rietberg,
North Rhine-Westphalia, specializes in producing, marketing and
distributing frozen finger food products as well as snack products.
Since it was founded in 1997, the company has been able to establish
itself as an innovative pacemaker in the convenience frozen food

As well as the frostkrone Tiefkühlkost GmbH and Bornholter
Käsevertriebs- und Produktionsgesellschaft GmbH, Piz’wich Europe SAS
and Varenne Gastronomie SAS have been integrated into the Frostkrone
Food Group since 2018. Rite Stuff Foods Inc., based in the USA, has
complemented the company group since 2019.

Since February this year, the Scottish company Innovate Foods Ltd. has
also been integrated into the group of companies.

The Frostkrone Food Group is today characterized by its large variety
of finger food and snacks and markets its products for the foodstuff
retail trade as well as to the food service sector. The diverse
product range is currently available worldwide in countries which
include, among others, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Spain,
Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Asia and the

The Frostkrone Food Group has numerous, very modern, production
facilities at its disposal in Germany, France, Great Britain and the

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