Coronavirus : Home delivery and meals on wheels

Restaurants are “stepping up” to provide modern “Meals-on-wheels” deliveries during Coronavirus crisis

Restaurants across the UK have most definitely “stepped up” in providing alternatives to their traditional fare in the light of customers looking to self-isolate from the Coronavirus threat.

National office space provider requested last week for all restaurants surrounding its buildings get in touch to provide takeaway food for those looking to minimise contact outside of their workplace. Not only helping office workers, but also maintaining cash flow for struggling food outlets.

It seems local restaurants have also stepped up their game in a very fast paced crisis.

“Now that lots of people are working from home and staying at home, local restaurants are providing deliver-to-home meals as well. They are facing this crisis head on! They are very entrepreneurial – this isn’t Deliveroo, it’s real restaurants run by local people making deliveries themselves”, says Jonathan Ratcliffe from
In Ratcliffe’s hometowns of Ilkley and Otley in Yorkshire numerous restaurants are switching to delivery services of pre-made meals to cook at home. The delivery services allow phone ordering and then delivery is to the doorstep or designated safe place – minimising contact.

It’s a trend being seen across the UK and shows that even with declining covers, restaurants can make a quick switch to ensure cashflow is maintained.

Local chef Chris Monkman from Ilkley has put together a menu of ready meals such as Mossaka, Chilli, Cottage Pie, Whitby fish pie, Curries, Lamb Tagine and Coq au Vin. These meals are freshly prepared, delivered and can then be cooked or frozen.

Posh burger van The Otley Burger Company is offering food delivery with either over the phone payment or wireless payment at the door. Food can be left on your doorstep, keeping to the idea of maintaining minimum human contact.

Another local restaurant in Otley, Buon Apps is preparing it’s “At Home Menu” of Italian classics which will be for collection or delivery.

The theme is echoed across the UK with restaurants offering a modern Meals on Wheels service.

“This type of home cooked food with delivery will be an important moral boost for those aged over 70 should they be asked to self-isolate in the near future, and shows great positivity to those in hardship”, adds Ratcliffe.


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