France: Supermarkets to limit the spread of coronavirus

With the announcement of the transition to stage 3 Saturday, March 14, things get complicated in the daily life of the French who must face the epidemic of coronavirus. And in particular of the professionals of the large distribution who saw thousands of people rush in the stores this weekend to make stocks. And this, despite the reassuring messages of the presidents of Leclerc or Système U who have been ensuring for several days that there will be no shortages for food products in France. Faced with this influx into stores, the government has encouraged the various players to take measures to limit the spread of the virus in food stores and supermarkets.

As announced on Sunday by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, the actors of the large distribution are working on a guide of good practices which will define in the coming days the health rules to follow when you go in supermarkets. These recommendations should see the light of day in a few hours, according to information from Business Insider France. Some brands have nevertheless anticipated and taken initiatives locally, starting this weekend. Here are a few examples:


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