Chiquita donating 1.5 million Bananas

From the farms to thousands of homes to secure healthy eating, more than 1.5 million bananas donated and counting    

Etoy (Switzerland), April 10th 2020 – Chiquita continues it efforts in supporting and providing much needed relief and supplies to consumers across the world during these unprecedented times. Through partnerships with organizations including Feeding America(R) and various hospitals and school districts across the world, Chiquita has donated over 1.5 million bananas and other essential supplies such as protecitve suits from our sourcing countries, like Guatemala, Honduras and Panama – to our consumers in United States and Italy. The brand also has plans to expand its efforts to support additional countries throughout Europe.   Efforts have been targeted to help the most vulnerable populations affected by the current pandemic such as children and seniors who have been greatly impacted by food shortages. In parallel, Chiquita has removed Miss Chiquita from the Blue Sticker logo for the first time in history, to support and encourage people to stay home and safe.   “At the heart of Chiquita, we are farmers and banana growers who recognize our responsibility to provide nutritious bananas to people facing food insecurity during these uncertian times,” said Chiquita’s President Carlos Lopez Flores. “We are grateful that we are able to donate fresh bananas and other supplies to the many communities around the world and will continue to work with our partners at a global level to ensure we’re maintaining our mission of being a Good Neighbor. We hope our donations not only provide the much needed nutrition but also a smile to those in need.”   Chiquita is providing its nutritious bananas as well as protective suits, containers and other essential supplies to those in need around the world. To date, the brand has donated one million Chiquita bananas to various organizations, local hospitals and school districts in the United States. In addtion, the banana company has donated hundreds of bananas in Italy and will be expanding donations and efforts to neighbring countries within Europe as well.    “Proper nutrition is critical for a healthy lifestlye, and many people across the country are losing access to food due to school and business closures, as well as other challenges,” said Mike Piotrowski, Director of Produce Operations at Feeding America(R). “We’re proud to have generous partners like Chiquita on our side, who not only fight hunger year-round, but are also stepping up to address the increased need that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.”   To support farming communities in Latin America, Chiquita has also donated more than five tons of bananas to communities in Honduras, and is coordinating 50 tons worth of bananas to Panama each week to be used in food bags for people who have lost their jobs and source of income. The brand is also offering essential resources such as protective suits for firefighters in Guatemala, and a 20-foot container to the Almirante hospital in Panama, which will be used to treat patients with special conditions.   In Italy, one of the first country’s hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, Chiquita is donating thousands of bananas, among others to the soup kitchen of Frati Minori in Milano, Banco Alimentare in Rome and to the camp hospital in Bergamo. The brand is looking to cover additional needs in other european countries as they will occur.   In order to support people in a playful way to overcome their new day by day challenges, Chiquita is also offering safe, at-home activities on its website. Fans can check out a variety of interactive online puzzles, games and recipes for families in need of activities while at home, which can be found at


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