Pricer: Dutch supermarket chain PLUS Retail places 100 MSEK order

Pricer: Dutch supermarket chain PLUS Retail places 100 MSEK order 

Pricer AB announces that the Dutch co-operative supermarket chain PLUS Retail, with more than 265 stores across The Netherlands, has placed an order of a total of approximately 100 MSEK as a first phase to roll out Pricer’s electronic shelf label (ESL) platform to all of its stores. The total project value for all 265 stores is estimated to approximately 165 MSEK. 

The order value relating to the first phase will be included in Pricer’s order intake for the second quarter of 2020. Deliveries under this order are planned to initially start during the second quarter and ramp up during the third quarter 2020. Orders for the remaining phases of the project are estimated to be received during the second half of 2020, with the ambition to have all stores installed before the expiration of first quarter of 2021.

PLUS Retail has integrated Pricer’s cloud-based ESL platform, the Pricer Plaza, to increase the efficiency of several in-store processes. Following successful in-store evaluation, PLUS Retail has now decided to include the Pricer Plaza platform as well as the new SmartTag Power labels in all of its stores. 

For PLUS Retail, the ability to add real-time flash functionality to the shelves offers significant advantages to the store operations as the chain plans to use the technology to support in-store picking of online orders, as well as optimize the processes for inventory and stock management.

“We value Pricer’s ability to offer both innovation as well as reliability and durability,” says Duncan Hoy, CEO at PLUS Retail. “We are always striving to improve the customer experience, and these new solutions will really add value to both our customers and our store owners.”

“Pricer’s delivery of innovative solutions for in-store digitalization, based on our hardware, software and cloud-based services, will give PLUS Retail a real edge in the market. We look forward to supporting PLUS Retail in optimizing the store operations and improving the customer experience,” says Helena Holmgren, CEO at Pricer. 


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