Citydent Istanbul

By Riad Beladi

My experience at citydent Istanbul ,   My name is R Bela,I am a British citizen I live between Spain Alicante and London .  2 months ago my teeth bridge fail out , I wanted to replace it went to many dentists in Spain and they said they could not fix it,  a friend of mine who is a dentist suggested I  have some  implants, I started searching online and  found many dental clinics in Istanbul, lot of choice, many websites , Till i found a website of citydents Istanbul , the website is so clear and well designed , easy to understand by users it answer every questions iIhad  .  I decided to send an email explaining what i needed to be done .the next day I had a reply from citydents administrator who wrote a very good english   . giving an approximate price-Sinus lifting , bone grafting , extraction and implants and temporary fixed denture .  the price was good comparing to UK and Spain .  I booked an appointment and a flight ticked to Istanbul , a city that i have never been to .
I arrived to the clinic for the first appointment I had a 3D scanner, then Dr Sinan Buday explained to me what needed to be done in details.  the first operation was the top jaw , some extraction sinus lifting , bone grafting and 6 implants . during the operation Dr Sinan Buday  assisted by İkbal and Derya  kept asking how i am feeling   ,. the truth i did not feel any pain at all,   the operation took 2 hours and 30 minutes.
   I was worried sick about the pain that i would have after the anaesthetics wear out  , i did not feel a thing I slept like a baby .  . I ate soft and cold foods , the next day i had a rest and went sightseeing in Istanbul .   
The day after I went to the clinic for the bottom jaw. this time 3 extractions 4 implants, the operation was  quick  painless thanks to Dr sinan and his assistants  Ikbal and Derya. ,  
My next appointment was to prepare my temporary denture. I have chosen a fixed temporary crowns , a( temporary denture  is designed to last only up t 6 months) 
Dt Emrah Kocdur  assisted by Gizem took  the impression of my teeth it took about an hour , it was a very easy Dr Emrah  is  very  professional.   3 days later went back the temporary teeth to be fixed them , Dr Emrah fixed them  it felt bit uncomfortable a bit to start with   but after  2 days I got used to them,  now it has been 3 weeks that i came back from Turkey i feel good even this is just a temporary denture that will last for about 6 months. in Spain i have a friend who is a dentist and another one a  maxillofacial sergeant.   they think that the Doctors and staff have done a very good job after they checked my mouth and they said this would have cost at least double in UK or Spain .  To resume this i was very pleased with everything citydent clinic is high tech a professional sergeant and staff. , the service is excellent
I am going back to Istanbul in February  for the permanent crowns i will be writing another report and take some pictures of my new all in 6 and all in 4  denture and publish them with the report and review.Cutydents  is a very high tech dental clinic , with an affordable prices  

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