WIN! An Un-Bee-Lievable Honey Hamper by Fortnum & Mason

Every Autumn, Fortnum’s launches a beautiful range of exclusive rooftop honeys sourced from 5 notable sites in London. Its hives are meticulously cared for by Fortnum’s Bee Master all year round before being harvested once a year in September, just in time for the honey festival. This year, Fortnum’s is introducing its sixth and newest honey, harvested from the rooftop of the Royal Albert Hall, just in time to make an appearance at the London Honey Raffle 2020. 

Once collected, each jar of this rare and precious delight is hand filled and numbered in London by a small team of passionate beekeepers before being delivered to Fortnum’s and every year, the season’s crop differs slightly in taste. Each hive our bees travel is within a three mile radius, from the garden of Buckingham Palace to the canals of East London – meaning their honey is truly a taste of the city. The true producers of the honey, the bees, are of the Buckfast variety, known for their gentle demeanour and resilience to poor weather conditions, making them the perfect species for our inner-city hives. Perfect for all honey lovers, the wide variety of sweet delights are unpasteurised and hand-handled to ensure the natural aromas of the delicate honeys are protected.

The delicately delicious Piccadilly is light in colour and has a subtle trace of chestnut and lime. Hoxton, is a floral honey that bursts with elderflower and citrus notes. Bermondsey, light in colour with a savoury taste is a unique and contemporary honey. The delightful St Pancras, which is perfect for drizzling on your porridge or toast, contains complex floral notes. Somerset House, bright and citrusy, includes a delicate yet spicy aftertaste with a lime aroma. Finally, the newest edition is the Royal Albert Hall honey, which is thick and heavy containing acidic undertones and a heavy floral aroma.

Fortnum’s are giving honey-lovers a chance to get their hands on the very first 2020 London honey jars. The honey is raffled off in aid of the charity Bees for Development, where each donation will enter participants in a draw to win a honey hamper. The winning prize consists of:

A mini Huntsman wicker basket containing Royal Albert Hall Honey, a Honey Candle and an exquisite Alex Monroe Baby Bee Necklace, worth £215. The winner is also able to nominate five friends, who each will receive a honey jar, worth a total of £100,


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