Innovative healthy snacking distributor Epicurium has added Noisy Snacks to its portfolio. Fuelled by insight into the customer experience Epicurium lead’s the UK in bringing new and original snacking formats and flavours to the UK market.  

James Christie, Epicurium, Trading Manager said: “We’ve been aware of Noisy Snacks growth and unique positioning for some time. We are delighted to be working with some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the snacking industry and we think Noisy are the next big thing. Noisy Snacks are pushing the boundaries of a bold new trend in experiential snacking. Not only are they healthy, 100% recyclable and flexitarian with vegan options – they are also provide a stimulating sensory experience for consumers. We love that they appeal to the senses and think this makes them a stand-out on-trend snack for 2021.”

Noel Allen, Founder, Noisy Snacks, said; “I really admire Epicurium’s values and the importance that they place on both innovation and health. They have an unparelled insight into what consumers want from snacking, as well as listening to retailer demand for more challenger brands, appealing to evolving shopper opportunities and tastes. This is a great home for Noisy Snacks to continue to engage with customers, and we are proud to be in the company of such great brands. Our snacks are developed to work on multiple levels to trigger an audio sensory meridian response (ASMR) to engage all of the senses to deliver a truly unique satisfying snacking experience.”           

With double the amount of flavouring as regular snacks (8g instead of 4g per pack) the snacks provide a noisy, explosive mouth sensation. The 45g fully recyclable pack must be shaken loudly before opening to wake the flavour inside. They are flexitarian with vegan options in the range, and a good source of protein coming in 4 x varieties:           

  • Noisy Nuts: Air roasting our quality nuts marinades each kernel for a full bodied flavour trapping flavour inside the crunch. Available in 3x flavours including Pickled Onion Nuts RRP £1.29       
  • Noisy Bean Chips: Beans chips are hot right now — especially these ones. High-protein, high-fibre, high-five. The crunch, hint of spiciness and saltiness of our bean chips make them a moreish sensation. Available in 3x flavours including Beef Brisket RRP £1.29
  • Noisy Corn: Roasted to a perfect, gentle crunch — Individual crisp corn kernels shrouded in deep intense flavour combinations.  Available in 3x flavours including Red Curry and Coconut RRP £1.29
  • Noisy Chickpeas: Noisy Snacks’ Chick Peas are precious orbs of flavour that, (once inside the mouth), tend to ‘pop’ in the most satisfying fashion. Available in 3x flavours including Piri Piri Mango RRP £1.29

Noisy Snacks is dedicated to creating delicious healthier snacking experiences that are memorable and fun. Noisy Nuts put taste first with bold flavours and an experience that engages people’s taste, feel, sight and smell.


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