Global eCommerce Market to Hit 3.8B Users in 2021, a 10% Jump in a Year

Global eCommerce Market to Hit 3.8B Users in 2021, a 10% Jump in a Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift away from brick-and-mortar stores to digital shopping, as millions of consumers worldwide turned to webshops amid the lockdown. This coronavirus-led boom in online sales caused a surge in the number of users and revenues of the entire eCommerce market.

According to data presented by, the number of eCommerce users jumped by 9.5% year-over-year amid coronavirus outbreak and hit over 3.4bn in 2020. The increasing trend is set to continue this year, with the figure growing by 10% YoY to 3.8bn.

Ecommerce Revenues to Hit $2.7T in 2021, a 12% Jump in a Year

In 2017, around 2.4bn people were shopping online, revealed the Statista survey. In the next twelve months, the percentage of internet users who made at least one purchase online in the previous 12 months grew to 93% in the United States, 97% in the United Kingdom and 92% in China. The total number of eCommerce users globally rose to 2.7bn that year.

Statistics show that 2019 witnessed the most impressive year-over-year growth, with the number of people shopping online rising by 15% to 3.16bn. The strong upward trend continued in 2020, with the number of eCommerce users growing by 350 million in a year. Statistics show the number of people purchasing in webshops is set to reach 4.9bn by 2025.


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