UK fragrance personal care and skincare brand owners Three Pears Brands continues to develop its consumer goods portfolio with the acquisition of five legacy brands.

The company has acquired the global rights and brand ownership of Harmony Haircare, Stergene and Amplex from The Lornamead Group who has focused on personal care products since the early Nineties and bought Harmony from Unilever in 1998. The acquisition includes the much-loved Ingram shave cream and Leichner professional foundation and cosmetics.

Three Pears Brands Chairman Edward Dunn says, “We are delighted to conclude the acquisition of these brands having worked closely with the team at Lornamead to ensure a seamless transfer of the brands to ensure we can maintain a consistent supply chain. Distribution will now be from our own Midlands-based distribution centre and we plan to integrate our existing supply chain network to over 40 countries to grow and develop the brands.”

Brand & Sales Director Chris Fallon, who has many years’ experience within  the Health & Beauty industry with Revlon, Richards & Appleby, Starion International and most recently with Baylis & Harding, adds, “These legacy brands have a reservoir of goodwill and trust with consumers and the trade; a legacy that has taken many years to establish. Household names don’t become household overnight. It is better to put sales, marketing and distribution might such as ours, behind great brands like these, than starting with something new. At Three Pears Brands we have successfully breathed new life into Cyclax Skincare and our classic fragrance brands, with both the UK and International sales performing well. Our business focus is on acquiring and investing in well-established legacy and heritage brands in order to maximise their growth and build our brand portfolio.”

Fallon continues, “These brands have stood the test of time, carved their market position and are icons of consumer good will. They are well trusted, and their brand evokes an authenticity that a new brand simply cannot achieve. We have undertaken a review of each brand over the past months and look forward to sharing our future plans as we invest in NPD, Marketing and Media support. Harmony has held its market share very well over the past three years and additional investment can only help that share grow. A lot of brands disappear because they are no longer relevant, nobody wants to buy an irrelevant brand. Take Amplex roll-on deodorant as an example of a brand with opportunity. Today it is part of a category with rising awareness among a global population looking for a healthier and fresher lifestyle. Demand for solid form deodorant and non-sticky products that are able to hold odour back for extended periods, is on the rise. Roll-ons are attracting more customers due to their skin-friendliness and proven excellence in the elimination of odour.”

Dunn summarises. “Focusing on the acquisition and development of Great British skincare, personal and now household brands, our manufacturing expertise, together with our understanding of the international market and exporting – provides us with a major competitive edge when it comes to quality, price, innovation and service. What we are seeking are brands with something of a point of difference and heritage and these new brands from Lornamead are an excellent fit to our existing portfolio”.

The Brands


Harmony haircare, is famous for the hairspray advertising and seventies strapline “Is she or isn’t she?” and launched Leslie Ash’s acting career in the eighties. Three Pears Brands will continue with the existing ranges with plans for range extensions and NPD over the forthcoming year. Harmony has circa 1m users in the UK alone*.


Stergene described as ‘The Perfect Handwashing Solution’, and designed for washing woollens, was first introduced in 1948 by the creators of Domestos. Stocked in most notable multiples, Stergene is a favourite for handwashing and travel wash and has a legacy of customer affection and brand trust. Stergene has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the washing of wool garments and is ideal for apparel care, for silk, wool and delicate fabrics.


Amplex Antiperspirant Roll-on Deodorant was voted best deodorant on a budget by The Sun newspaper** and has a history reaching back to the eighties when it was promoted and endorsed by ex-Best Dressed Man in the World, Patrick Macnee (John Steed, The Avengers), who summed up Amplex with the strapline. ‘Don’t get a complex –  get Amplex!’


The World famous Leichner Foundation is a professional foundation used by photographic studios, television, theatre and professional make-up artists worldwide. It provides the perfect base for applying cosmetics. Leichner Tinted Foundation provides an all-day moisturising foundation which is great for professional flawless finish.

Leichner has a history dating back to 1873 and was made globally famous and endorsed by ‘America’s Sweetheart’, actress and founder of the Motion Picture Academy, Mary Pickford.


Often described as a luxurious shaving sensation because of its intense menthol feeling, Ingram had a reputation for being underestimated and had loyal followers world-wide since circa 1920 when it was known as Ingram’s Therapeutic Shaving Cream and manufactured by Bristol-Myers of New York and London. Currently discontinued, Three Pears Brands will reformulate to meet today’s compliance requirements and give Ingram a new lease of life as a British manufactured product.

Three Pears Brands have a select portfolio of outstanding classic fragrances, skin care and personal care products, nearly 50 years in logistics systems and exceptional product presentation, customer and marketing support and has already become one of the fastest growing fragrance, skincare, home and personal care brand owners in the UK.

Three Pears Brands currently have 16 world renowned and famous fragrance, skincare, home, personal care, and healthcare brands in their portfolio.

The Three Pears Brands family also includes the Cyclax 1896 skincare ranges, Nailoid Results, nail care and treatments, and Natural Classic Original Henna Hair Treatment Wax, Blue Stratos, Rapport, Mandate, Gold and Le Jardin fragrances and skincare. They are also the marketing and distribution arm for Playboy condoms and lubricants for the UK and Ireland.


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