The Business Closures That Shook The UK

The high street has changed drastically over the years, and many businesses have come and gone. Some closures have come as a massive shock, and the past year has seen some well-known retailers closing or going into administration. To see which businesses we miss the most, Business Rescue Expert have analysed the reaction to some of the biggest business closures and the companies that have gone into administration. 

“The analysis looked at businesses that have closed or fallen into administration during the period where such news generated hot topics for conversation on Twitter. Overall, 42 businesses were identified as having caused a stir by their closure or financial difficulty. For each business, 500 tweets were extracted within the first month of their announcement and measured for their sentimentality. This means the data measures how positive or negative the public reaction to the failure of each business is. Each business was then be given a score between 100 and -100.”

  • LoveFilm topped the list of businesses that we miss the most with the highest sentiment score.
  • On the other hand, although Blockbuster brings back nostalgic memories, it didn’t win over the sentiment and scored a low -78.2.
  • Quiz clothing that went into administration had the highest sentiment score of 96.5 which showed how disappointed people were to see it potentially disappear.

I have attached the full piece for you to look at, so let me know if you have any questions or need anything. All I’d ask is that if you were to use the information from the article, would be that you credit Business Rescue Expert ( as the source.


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