• Starting this week, Carrefour is relaunching its “Healthy prices” campaign as part of its commitment to giving everyone the opportunity to buy the best products
  • As of 31 May, Carrefour is increasing the number of permanent Healthy prices products from 340 to 470
  • Healthy prices products are evidence of the efforts to which Carrefour has gone regarding the price, quality, provenance, composition and sustainability of its products. For example, they are certified as organic, contain no preservatives or palm oil, have reduced salt content, were manufactured in Belgium, were sourced using fair trade practices, contain no colouring agents or are sold in recyclable packaging. 
  • They are sold at the same price across all Carrefour stores: Hypermarkets, Market and Express stores and at

Low prices with great principles

Carrefour launched the Act for Food campaign as part of its drive to establish itself as a leader in the food transition, committing to making healthier, more sustainable food affordable for everyone on a day-to-day basis. Carrefour products are at the very heart of this commitment and are evidence of efforts made not just regarding the quality, provenance, composition and sustainability of its products, but also of efforts to which the retailer has gone to keep prices down. This is the commitment that the healthy prices campaign seeks to showcase, since Carrefour products represent low prices with great principles.

Giving preference to products of Belgian origin

Healthy products are on sale at affordable prices at Carrefour. Preference is given to products of Belgian origin: Carrefour’s policy is to source its products as geographically close to where they are sold as possible. To ensure relationships built on respect with its producers, Carrefour enters into sustainable partnerships with them. 

Healthy prices on Carrefour brand products, across all categories.

With this healthy prices campaign, Carrefour is committing to both low prices and high quality, and is selling all categories of everyday Carrefour brand products at affordable prices. Here are just some examples of the products covered by the campaign: 

  • Eco-friendly Carrefour Quality Line Belgian tomatoes on sale at €0.79/kg
  • Palm oil-free Carrefour pizza dough, on sale at €0.95/250g
  • Belgium-roasted Carrefour ground desert coffee, on sale at €1.99/250g
  • Carrefour Eco-Planet washing-up liquid with plant-based active ingredients on sale at €0.99/500 ml 

The prices are the same at all Carrefour stores: Hypermarkets, Market and Express stores and at

Planned rollout for the “Healthy prices” campaign

Carrefour is using the services of the Publicis agency for this campaign.

The campaign will run from 31 May to 20 July 2021. The TV ads, together with the 15-second social network ads will be broadcast throughout this period.

A campaign featuring 2 m² posters at bus shelters is planned for 1 to 7 June 2021 in three versions (Carrefour Quality Line tomatoes, Carrefour pizza dough and Carrefour Eco-planet washing-up liquid), together with a generic version (low prices with great principles), which will feature on digital out-of-home bus shelters. 

At stores, posters will be on display at the trolley shelters throughout the duration of the campaign, together with spotters in the stores themselves.


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