Carrefour has signed an agreement with 50 leading manufacturers to work on the Food Transition and continue advancing and consolidating this objective of leading the Food Transition for all in Spain.

The meeting was held in Madrid and was attended by Alexandre de Palmas, General Manager of Carrefour Spain and Jorge Ybarra Loring, Merchandise Manager of Carrefour Spain, together with a considerable number of commercial managers from FMCG brands.

Alexandre de Palmas announced that, “Today, through this agreement, we are entering into a unique, pioneering agreement in Spanish distribution to lead the Food Transition for our customers”. And Jorge Ybarra Loring stated that, “The commitment signed today reflects our ability to collaborate with manufacturers to offer our customers healthy and environmentally friendly products”.

This Food Transition Agreementis part of the company’s global mission and to this end, it is being developed in a number of countries where the Group is present, such as Spain, France, Italy and Belgium.  

Commitment to the Food Transition

Through this agreement, the signatories are offering consumers healthy choices with easy access to clear and reliable product information, and guaranteeing a food system based on the reduction of additives, salts and sugars, while being climate and environmentally friendly.  The agreement also seeks to limit the impact on the environmental of packaging and to accelerate the transition to a socially responsible agricultural model by securing biodiversity. Carrefour undertakes to inform its customers of all improvements made by each manufacturer to these products.

Carrefour’s partner companies have submitted projects and medium- and long-term plans to the company for assessment. Carrefour, values this resolve underpinning the projects submitted and is monitoring the results in order to assess the collective performance of signatories to the agreement. It is also monitoring projects and innovations, and working with its marketing teams to develop the range of products on offer in store. 


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