Frans Muller, President & CEO of Ahold Delhaize, said “ Our Leading Together strategy has proven to be strong in recent times

Doubling down on creating deeper digital client connections with accelerated investments in scalable online capabilities Adding focus on health and sustainability; bringing net-zero target forward to 2040 for direct carbon emigrations in our own operations Introducing first-of-a-kind client ecosystem in the Benelux, connecting shopping gests across its food andnon-food brands . Explore attachment IPO; Ahold Delhaize to retain significant long- term control Crucial fiscal intentionsand primary guidance Accelerating deals growth rates 2023-2025 adding€ 10 billion by 2025 Net consumer online deals anticipated to double and completely. allocatede-commerce profitability anticipated projected 2021 net consumer online deals and EBITDA of € 55bn and € 150-170 million independently, anticipated to roughly double by 2025 . Accretive Save for Our Guests enterprise to yield € 4 billion 2022-2025 Delivering high-single- number periodic underpinning EPS growth versus 2022 Publicizing a new€ 1 billion share buyback program to start at the morning of 2022 * Despitemacro-economic headwinds, deals for 2022 are. projected to increase versus 2021, and operating perimeters are planned ≥4.0 Zaandam, the Netherlands, November 15th, 2021 – At its 2021 Investor Day, Ahold Delhaize moment announces the coming chapter of its Leading Together strategy, which outlines crucial plans and targets towards 2025.

Powered by its great original brands, this growth and investment plan underpins Ahold Delhaize’s vision to deliver the leading original food shopping experience for guests, placing value and convenience at the heart of its strategy. In addition, the company blazoned its intention to significantly step-up investments in digital and robotization, to explore a attachment-IPO, and increase focus and attention on accelerating its health and sustainability docket. Frans Muller, President & CEO of Ahold Delhaize, said to International supermarket news  “ Our Leading Together strategy has proven to be strong in recent times, and is a great foundation as we head into the future. The COVID-19 epidemic put our people and our strategic choices to the test, and through it all we were suitable to always deliver for our guests, our communities and our associates in all the brands and support companies. I can not stress enough how proud I’m of our achievements.

The epidemic has accelerated the pace of change in the retail assiduity. It has also changed consumer geste permanently with people shopping further online, eating further at home and having a bigger interest in original and healthier food.” Structure on the Leading Together strategy, the company has linked four precedences to double down on between now and 2025 . Serve guests through deeper digital connectionsacross our omnichannel Client Value Proposition (CVP) Accelerate development of/ investments in omnichannel capabilities and continue to be the stylish original drivers Lead the metamorphosis into a healthy and sustainable food retail system Influence the portfolio to produce the ultimate ecosystem for smarter original client peregrinations Investing in Digital proposition Ahold Delhaize and its great original brands live to help people eat well, save time and live more. Guests are looking for

high value, accessible and individualized results – and shop whenever and wherever they want. Ahold Delhaize will invest in its brands to give shoppers applicable products and services, elevations, acclimatized client gests and decoration subscription enrollments. To enable guests to shop in this way, Ahold Delhaize will accelerate its investments in erecting scalable and unremarkable functional capabilities, with a sharper focus on digital, online, data and robotization. In doing so, Ahold Delhaize expects to accelerate net deals growth with€ 10 billion in incremental deals from 2023-2025. Net consumer online deals are planned to double between 2021 and 2025. In addition, Ahold Delhaize plans to have eCommerce profitable on a completely allocated base by 2025. Natalie Knight, CFO Ahold Delhaize “ To support these plans, the company will increase investment situations from 3 to3.5 per annum to fuel growth. We’ll continue to be the stylish driver in the assiduity, underscored by our world- class operating perimeters. As part of our planning toward 2025, we’re committing to indeed more ambitious Save for Our Guests targets € 4 billion by 2025. We’ll also use our knowledge and experience to make eCommerce profitable by 2025, and I’m pleased to advertise a planned€ 1 billion share buyback * for

2022.” Establishing one of the largest force chain networks on theU.S. East Coast In 2019, Ahold Delhaize USA launched its force chain metamorphosis, concentrated. on bringing back its force chain as it builds out its omnichannel network and adding new installations in crucial topographies. Kevin Holt, CEO, Ahold Delhaize USA said “ With these changes, Ahold Delhaize USA will have full control of its force chain and an optimized network at scale, which enables the original brands to more serve their guests, allows ADUSA to continue to invest in robotization and digital capabilities to lower costs to serve, and eventually enables direct to client connections as part of its omnichannel network. The metamorphosis will produce one of the largest force chain networks on the East Coast. It’s listed to be finished in April 2024, with 26 installations in the integrated tone- distribution network.” First-of-a-kind client ecosystem The strong original presence of the Ahold Delhaize brands is a crucial factor in their success. This is illustrated by the New York metro area where Stop & Shop and Fresh Direct and their mates form an ecosystem to deliver fresh and healthy food wherever, still and whenever New Yorkers wish to protect. In the Benelux, Ahold Delhaize has a unique position with its famed supermarket brands Albert Heijn and Delhaize, online as well as Gall & Gall and Etos. Ahold Delhaize announces its first-of-a-kind client ecosystem in which the Benelux brands

will work nearly together to connect shopping gests across food andnon-food, offering guests more convenience, value and applicability. “ Time is a precious commodity

for our guests. Retailers who can simplify the client trip will be most applicable in the long term, and powered we believe we can be one of them. With the

combined strengths of all the brands in the Benelux, we’ve a one-of-a-kind occasion to produce a truly comprehensive client ecosystem”, said Wouter Kolk, CEO

Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia. Explore attachment IPO After an expansive and thorough review considering the strategic openings, during

the once time, Ahold Delhaize has decided to make on the remarkable success, client fidelity and leadership position as a retail tech platform and explore a

attachment Original Public Offering (sub-IPO) The explanation for this decision is to completely spark the openings, to fuel its tremendous growth eventuality and to give farther backing for Ahold Delhaize to execute on its winning will continue to play an important part in the strategic cooperation with other brands of Ahold Delhaize in the Benelux. It’s imaged that thesub-IPO will number a table of a limited interest on Euronext Amsterdam, and that Ahold Delhaize will retain significant control in the long term to insure its growth and development.

Thesub-IPO is anticipated to be in the alternate half o f2022, subject to multiple internal and external factors, including request conditions. Farther details will be handed in due course. Adding focus on health and sustainability Ahold Delhaize will further invest in, edge and strengthen its enterprise towards a healthy and sustainable food retail system. Amongst other stropped intentions, the company is bringing forward its compass 1 and 2 targets by committing to reach net-zero carbon emigrations across its own operations no latterly than 2040 and to getting a net-zero business across its entire force chain, products and services by 2050 ( compass 3). Farther, Ahold Delhaize has joined the Business Ambition for1.5 °C, a global coalition of UN agencies, business and assiduity leaders, in cooperation with the Science Grounded Targets action (SBTi) and the UN led crusade‘ Race to Zero’. These and other ESG criteria will make up a bigger part of administrative incitement programs going forward and will be supported by increased translucency going forward. Frans Muller reflected “ We realize that these are ambitious targets which bear a lot of work over the coming times, and we feel encouraged by our double AA standing upgrade by MSCI and lately verified DJSI leadership position. But most importantly we’re confident that these and the other targets included in moment’s strategy update are attainable because of our largely engaged and married associates.”


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