French shoppers get a better value in Italy

Several food products, the prices of which are adding in France, remain cheaper in some of our neighbors. This is the case in Italy, which leads French border workers to rush to go shopping there. Some French people go to a supermarket in Ventimiglia, Italy, to do their shopping. Like two couples from Nice, who took only one auto to save gas costs. And they’re sure to be doing good business.”We come about formerly a quarter, says one of the people of Nice. It’s still 30 to 40 cheaper.”In this Italian supermarket, 90 of the guests are French. Cheaper fruits and vegetables

The same piece of Parmesan is 38 more precious in France than in Italy. Likewise, a fresh pasta reference costs 17 further in France than in the Italian supermarket. European statistics also confirm that certain food products are much less precious in Italy. Fruits and vegetables are therefore 19 cheaper than in France, and canvases and fats 15 less precious on the other side of the border. Still, the proprietor of theVentimiglia supermarket, manages to cut certain prices, If Bastiano Orengo.”We really buy from the plant, there’s no conciliator,”he explains. On the other hand, some products like milk or chuck are more precious in Italy.


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