France, Changes in coffee consumption

This is a trend and research that has been  confirmed, the French are gradually abandoning capsules  for coffee beans. Moreover, sales of grinding machines are selling like hot cakes. They have jumped by more than 70% since the start of the year.
The French love coffee and consume it every day, but not quite like before. Freshly ground coffee beans are making a comeback. It appeals to consumers and the market has almost tripled in five years. “Beans are better because they are better,” says a coffee lover. “As it goes, it keeps its fragrance and all its value in terms of taste,” explains one man.

70 to 80% coffee beans are used today

At Olivier Cahen, specialist and roaster for Les Cafés Lanni, we roast the coffee. These are grains that come from all over the world. “The roasting is perfect,” he observes. Since the Covid crisis, his store has sold much more coffee beans, nearly 500 kilos per month. “We were two or three years ago, on a report where we still made 70% ground coffee. Today we went on 70 to 80% coffee beans. People are asking for more and more beans, it’s fresh and they smell at home “, explains Olivier Cahen, Roaster for Les Cafés Lanni.


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