AURES introduces KRYSTAL, a modular, high-performance KIOSK solution with a lightweight design.


Lisses – December 2021; AURES presents KRYSTAL, a new range of self-check-out multifunctional kiosks that is versatile and modular; the Kiosk solution is available in several configurations and can be integrated into many commercial environments, (retail, food & beverage, etc).

Based on the YUNO touch system (in 15’’ for a landscape format – or 21″ for both landscape or portrait format), KRYSTAL offers a wide range of options to satisfy a number of applications.

Its slim and elegant design is an asset for the omni-channel customer journey and the digitalisation of sales and service areas, even when space is at a premium.


  • The KRYSTAL countertop version is ultra-compact and can be placed on any desk or integrated into existing furniture.
  • In the freestanding version, the kiosk is mounted on a pedestal (143 cm tall in total) which can be completed by an additional ground plate (for stability), for integration at the point of sale without any fixing.
  • Integration of the YUNO Kiosk system 

KRYSTAL integrates scalable, robust and high-performance AURES OEM equipment and sub-systems, such as the YUNO system (available in 15″ or 21″ – see above)

Its multi-touch capacitive projected touch panel (PCAP) enhances the customer experience with its bright display and super responsive touch navigation.

The front panel is IP54 rated against liquid and residue splashes, making it ideal for high customer traffic applications such as in hospitality and food & beverage environments.

  • Three different processors to choose from

KRYSTAL benefits from a modular technology that integrates a choice of three different processors (i5, i3 or J1900), depending on the specific needs of the operators in terms of software and application platforms.

  • ODP 444 Thermal Printer

The KRYSTAL thermal printing system consists in an ODP 444 printer developed and manufactured by AURES; it is embedded in the kiosk and prints tickets and receipts in 80 mm width.

  • 2D/1D scanner

Dedicated to the reading of barcodes and/or QR codes, the embedded DATALOGIC 1500i 2D scanner will allow new technological bricks to be added to the proposed customer journey (management of loyalty programmes or promotional campaigns for examples).

  • Electronic payments’ modularity

The KRYSTAL range allows the integration of varied handsets and payment terminals: VX820 and P400 from VERIFONE, LANE 5000, LANE 3000 and IP 350 from INGENICO, as well as S300 from PAX. 

Through adapter plates located within the kiosk, other peripherals can be custom integrated in the dedicated slot (badge readers, RFID readers or contactless modules).

  • A compact design for an optimised layout

Whatever the configuration deployed, the KRYSTAL kiosk has a compact design and an extremely small footprint (on the floor or on the sales counter); this t is an opportunity for operators to multiply the number of kiosks within their sales areas, for improved “in-store” service quality and increased time savings for both consumers and on-site staff. Ergonomic and plug & play, KRYSTAL can be connected in no time thanks to a simple power cable and a network plug. 

It is available in grey or black; other colours and customised markings are possible, starting from certain quantities.

  • A smoother and faster customer experience 

Modular, interactive and multifunctional, KRYSTAL is a highly adaptable KIOSK solution. Equipped with dedicated software platforms – depending on the specific needs of a given vertical sector of activity – its multiple management functionalities will allow product, dish and menu reservations, food and beverage ordering, “click & collect”, buying and selling assistance, queue management, subscriptions and loyalty programmes, promotional operations, etc.

In addition to traditional checkout lines, the KRYSTAL range will facilitate traffic at the point of sale; transactions will be accelerated, queues reduced, bringing a significant improvement in the customer experience.

Autonomous thanks to a playful and intuitive application interface, consumers will be inclined to increase the content of their average shopping basket, which will improve the sales’ level achieved through the kiosk equipment.

  • ETK (Easy to Konnect)

Equipped with ETK, the new AURES Middleware Solution, KRYSTAL will adapt to all requirements of omni-channel retail and the digitalisation of the customer journey; while at the same time interconnecting – from traditional POS system management software platforms – with all AURES hardware solutions and other point-of-sale peripherals.

Key advantages

  • Several configurations to choose from: “counter-top” & “freestanding” (pedestal) versions
  • Portrait or landscape touchscreen mode (YUNO 21”)
  • Landscape touchscreen mode (YUNO 15”)
  • Projected capacitive panel (PCAP) and multi-touch (10 points)
  • 3 processors to choose from: i5, i3-5010U and J1900
  • 2.5” 128 GB SSD 2 slots 
  • Electronic payment modularity: choice of several bank payment terminals 
  • ODP 444 thermal printer
  • DATALOGIC 2D/1D scanner

The KIOSK solutions designed and developed by AURES Technologies are manufactured in France; they are tested in a dedicated laboratory, in accordance with the CE Directives in force.


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